Whatcha' Knitting September, 2021

Heading into fall in the norther hemisphere or spring in the southern. Either way, beautiful weather ahead for sweaters and scarves, maybe even gloves and mittens. Let’s hear about what’s on your needles and what you’re planning for the rest of the year.
Happy knitting everyone!


I might be starting some socks for my brother, if the yarn I want to use from my stash isn’t too thin. I’ve got 2 colours of Schoppel Wolle Laceball (Shaft of Light and Early Bloomer). If I can figure out a pattern I may use shaft of light for contrast, and early bloomer for main colour.

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we are in September now surely?

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On my needles another summer top (yes it’s not warm enough here to wear it, but maybe next summer!).

This time, a free drops pattern which I’m making in the suggest yarn, drops muskat

This is my first ever knitting in the round so it’s all new to me. Trust me I choose a top that starts with a 4 ridge garter edge at the bottom… and I did not know that garter stitch is so hard to line up in the round. Not only that but I thought an easy way to personalise this project would be a couple of very simple colour change rounds in the bottom edge.
How wrong I was!
Pulled it out 7 times (3 of those were due to getting the wrong length for my long tail cast on) because garter, colour changes and in the round just don’t go together for an inexperienced knitter like me!
I watched roxanne’s tutorial where she makes her garter in the round look perfect, absolutely flawless, I think it is called helixical knitting???
I copied it and…
…mine does not look perfect.

My garter jogs, my colour jogs, how could I get it SO wrong?
In the end I just shrugged my shoulders, decided it’s ok for hand knitting to look like hand knitting.
I have photographed the back of the project on purpose to show the jogs on the bottom edge but it’s just this one place, it will be by my bum and no one is looking at my bum anyway! Ha!
I still don’t know why it didn’t work when Rox’s was perfect but at least there is no huge hole which is was I was dealing with when I ripped it out.
I also don’t really understand why a pattern would state it is in in the round and then start with a stitch that doesn’t really work in the round… never mind.

Here it is

Always learning, that’s the main thing.
Needles were 3.5mm for the garter stitch and 4mm for the main body. I chose to cast on with 4.5mm needles which I am happy with. It gives lots of stretch without looking baggy.

Happy knitting everyone!


Your knitting is beautiful and even and I love the stitch definition of this yarn. I started knitting in the round when I tired of having to seam for sweaters. I love it. Hands down. I now use circular needles for everything, even flat knitting, because I find to be much simpler and I can use all my concentration on accurately following the pattern.

I am looking forward to seeing the finished top!


I am knitting… and have been throughout august… the Cable Teddy Bear Jacket. A labour of love I can tell you… and only done the back so far.!!!

The pattern image…not mine.


Welcome to the forum!
It is one of the cutest sweaters ever but not an easy knit. Definitely a labor of love. As posts on this forum will attest, lots of interpretation, adjustments and fiddling required. Let us know how it’s going please.

I love that cable Teddy cardigan pattern. I’d like to find something similar-ish to make for my son, not with Teddy bears he’s too big for those, but the different asymmetrical cable pattern aspect, all those different textures. Love it.

Still on unicorns (another 5 for this month). Now knitting hats and booties for babies. Waiting for fur Pom Pom for hat then I will post the finished article. Here to keep the conversation going are my finished baby jane shoes in premie size.


Finished a few days ago but not yet blocked, the drops sunny side pattern in muskat.

I love this top. I love the lace although I don’t think it photographs well, and I love how it fits me.

Only bits I don’t really like are the decreases just at the garter ridge below the yoke, they make the knitting look messy in this 4 spots and I think the pattern could have been worked in a better way to eliminate those.

I used the Icelandic bind off which seems to be my favourite.
I really liked working in the round and would do it again. I found the little chart easy to work with too which surprised me as I thought charts were way too scary!


The baby janes are too sweet! I can just imagine how adorable they’ll look on tiny feet. It’s so much fun and so inspiring to see your projects from unicorns to baby shoes. Thanks for posting.

That top worked very well. The shaping is lovely and undoubtedly contributes to the beautiful fit. Well done!

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That really turned out nicely. I really like the yoke and am going to check out the Icelandic bind off, since the finish on your neckline is so very elegant!

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Oh yes try the Icelandic bind off on a swatch. I just love it! It looks lovely next to a garter ridge or reverse stocking stitch. It takes a little experimentation on the tension, with a knit bind off I use a larger needle to keep it loose but with icelandic I use the same size needle as I’ve been working with and I gave each stitch a small snug up, not tight but just a little more snug as it can come out too loose otherwise.
I could not find a tutorial on how to weave in the tail from the last stitch into the first (there are plenty for this withnjnit bind off) but with a bit of experimentation I managed it and the join can’t be seen.

I was surprised how pretty the yoke looked worked up as the pattern didn’t look as impactful in the photo.

Here is my latest fashion item for the best dressed baby. Again, knitting for charity. They do take about 3 evenings to make so hope not too many orders.


Wow, how fabulous are they? Very cool.

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I would imagine the requests will come in thick and fast from all over once these booties hit the runway. Absolutely adorable and very in with the current look! Love them.

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