Whatcha' Knitting? October 2020

Hi knitters and crocheters!
We’ve made it to the final quarter of 2020 and what a year it’s been. Hope you’ve managed to work your needles or hooks through the pandemic. Let’s see what you’ve been working on or let us hear about your plans for that next project.



That sheep cartoon made me grin…

I just finished the hat to go with this sweater a couple days ago. It’s for my son who’s almost 2yo. Worsted wt Sugar n Cream cotton on 4.5mm needles at around 4.5 sts per inch. It’s this traditional scandinavian hat method used especially for baby bonnets that uses double increases and double decreases spaced evenly around the hat to get a really nice fit around the face and neck and cover the ears (sometimes called “devil hats” or “helmet hats”). Once the hat is the desired depth you stop the increases but continue the decreases until only a few stitches are left, which gives it a nice point that sits snug on the head. I highly recommend it especially for babies and children (but I also made myself one)! :baby:

The sweater is top down raglan knit in the round. (btw the sweater will have a button at the neck, I just haven’t got the right button yet…)


Perfect complement to the darling sweater!

Knitting this baby cardigan for my first Grandchild as we found out we are having a boy :heart_eyes: :blue_heart:


Congratulations! Beautiful design…

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Wellome to fold :blush:

Thank you!
Inspirational when you are still kinting away, knowing how you’re time is limited enough with a new. Oraganizational skills :100:

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Hi Kristen! Beautiful sweater for a first new addition to your family. I’m sure it will become a heirloom.

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Hi,Dee123 , Thanks I will put a picture up of the cardigan when I get it finished

That’s gonna look so good! I will look forward to seeing it after you finish it.
And congratulations!

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Thanks Lolali :blush:

Perfect combo of hat and sweater.
The foot and toes are an unusual choice for indicating scale in photo. Lol

I am working on a chemo hat adaptation of the Irma Hat https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/irma-hat

WIP photo:


:joy: I originally posted this to IG and there I cropped out the toes, so I sorta forgot they were there till I uploaded it.

That’s a really neat stitch pattern on the hat.

It’s lovely!!

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I love the pattern!

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