Whatcha' Knitting? November, 2021

A wonderful time of year, chilly enough (at least in the northern hemisphere) for sweaters maybe even scarves and hats. Are you putting on favorites or have you knit or crocheted new items for the fall and winter? What are you working on?


I’m close to finishing this pattern:

I’m making it with nice natural-coloured NZ wool (I live in Australia).

The front and sleeves are finished. I had to reknit the back but I’m almost at the back-neck shaping!


Just finished this square, it’s no.2 of a year long blanket kal. I only found the kal last week,so playing catch up already. I want to make a kingsized bedspread, I think 3 of each square in different colours plus 6 ‘others’ should do it.
Not thinking about all the joining together yet!! it’ll just put me off :grin:


I’m still plugging away at Crash Bandicoot! I’m doing his shorts at the moment :smiley:
That’s a beautiful square, notknittingknots! I love the combination of stitch patterns. Though, if it were me I’d be doing them as washcloths - no joining needed!! Lol.

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The stitchwork on the Casey sweater @kushami and the blanket square @notknittingknots are gorgeous. I love the cables and the seemingly infinite knit/purl variations.

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This square is soooo lovely!
I have been thinking of a multi textured blanket in a single colour (perhaps different yarns and tones) for a while. One thing that’s puts me off is the size and weight when working on it and being able to wash it. I was thinking of working out a way of making a king size in thirds with some decorative strap and button/toggle type fastening so it could be laundered in sections. It may never get beyond “thought” for me!

I look forward to seeing the various parts of this as the months go by.


Thank you.
That’s a very good idea and easy to do with a knitted button band style to join them :smiley:
These squares are roughly 12"×12" so i’m thinking 6 squares for width and 7 for length.
I can hardly wait to see what the other squares will be like.


I’m currently knitting two scarves (I can only do hats and scarves at the moment).


Today I learnt a new style of short-row heel (standard shape but uses a different method to resolve the turning stitches). I saw it on a video from Norwegian knitters Arne and Carlos.

It took me a while to work out how to do it because the video didn’t give a close-up of one part of the technique, but I got there in the end. (I posted a comment on the video as “Sarah Turnbull” explaining it, if you want to try this and you get stuck too.)

I tried it out on a swatch. At first, I ended up with holes on one side because my tension was off. Then I had another try that looked better.

Does anyone else find that one side of their knitting is looser? My right selvedge is looser, I think. At least, it was today!

It was interesting to learn a new technique, but I think I will stick with my usual shadow-wrap short rows when I do this type of heel because I can do them almost from memory now.

I like this tutorial for a shadow-wrap short row heel from the Chilly Dog:

Next pair of socks I am going to try the “fish lips kiss” (FLK) heel because I hear it is good for making a nice clean contrast heel.


I do like Arne and Carlos. Certainly Arne is an expert sock (and everything else) knitter.

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He is so fast! I spend hours doing a heel and he does it in minutes. Although I probably stop for a cup of tea in the middle.


I just finished two Holly Jolly hats for two favorite children. I use Berroco Vintage yarn for both.


Lucky kids! They are lovely and it’s nice that you differentiate between the two -

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Anthony, hats and scarves are a great way to start and to practice new patterns. You will graduate to more complicated projects in your own time - I found myself looking for more challenge after knitting my fair share of the above.

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Lovely hats. The motifs are so effective aren’t they.
No idea how anyone manages colour work and hat shape at the same time… they’re great.

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I agree. Currently have several very different projects underway. Guess I like variety. I think it really is because I don’t want to get bored while working on something. But I was interested in cables so I’m whipping up a headband/ ear covering for my granddaughter. First it’s quick, and gives me a chance to experiment with a technique new for me without a lot of investment of time. But in all fairness to me, I do keep going back to works in progress. So they are getting done.


I’m making a little knit dress. Started this month hopefully will show when finished


Ooh, little knitted dresses are so cute. Which pattern are you using?

I tried a knitted lace edging today. Didn’t quite realise what I was getting myself into – it has lace stitches on right and wrong sides. (There’s no chart.) Yikes! I managed to do one repeat and then had to have a lie down!


I had a stab at making a stitch map. It was very easy, but the stitch map is hard to read for me. It does seem to be an ideal format for patterns in which the stitch count changes because you don’t need to insert grey “no stitch” squares.


I didn’t sign up for the paid version. I don’t think you get all the features with the free one. For instance, it doesn’t show a symbol key.

Edited to add: Hmm, I don’t think I would recommend this particular edging stitch. It is in three sections, with the top being faggotting stitch, the bottom being a sawtooth with eyelets … and that blobby bit in the middle is supposed to be a paired leaf motif.

I think the pattern is a bit off. It would be very hard to get the leaves to block out so you can see them clearly. I had to stretch it ruthlessly to see what it was meant to be. It might be because there are lace stitches on both sides of the pattern, and it doesn’t seem to have enough room to “breathe”.

I’ve never done “both sides lace” before this so I’m no expert, and maybe using wool or a larger needle would help. But there are plenty of other edging stitches with leaves out there that look to be nicely defined, and don’t require gymnastics on the WS rows!

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I hope it’s okay to ask a technical question here. How do the nice picture links work? Can we influence whether they are formatted that way, or is it to do with the forum formatting or the website being linked to?