Whatcha' Knitting, May 2024

It is, every day I poke my head in the door and I can see how it’s going to be. I can’t wait.

Ok, I charted the mountains… Does it look like mountains?! I asked the kids and they said yes. I think it’s alright… It’s going to have to be now, because I’ve started it :laughing:

Edit… Too many blanks in the P… Need to redo


Ok this…


I’m doing a combination of lace and cables at the moment, and have finally managed to dispose of the dread cable needle and risk the scary little potentially-dropped stitches; what a life-changer! Suddenly I’m enjoying cabling, and have become totally addicted to knitting lace. I think that’s why I haven’t been on this site for such ages - too much concentration needed on the several lace patterns I’ve made of late. It can become a bit of an obsession! One pattern that I love is a Japanese lace stitch - as long as I’ve got charts I can cope with complication, but am hopeless with written instructions.


I’m all in favor of charts. They simplify and offer a compact visual presentation of patterns that would be next to impossible to follow as text. They’re not for everyone but are worth working at for the lovely patterns they present.

I discovered I’m not that keen on cable needles too. I don’t like to reposition the stitches without anything holding them like I know some people can though - it sounds like you are doing this, brave! I now use one of those removable stitch markers, the little plastic safety pin type, I take the stitches onto the holder to place in front or behind, and return them to the left needle when it’s time to work them. I don’t bother closing up the stitch marker as I don’t need to. I find this a more enjoyable method rather than the cable needle. We all find ways that work don’t we?

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Definitely mountains. Looks good.

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Wow this looks great!

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Thanks. I’ve added a sun to it now as well. I’m doing the main hat in dark blue, with a light beige as CC. I’ve got some bits in my scrap box of yellows/oranges/purple, so once it’s done I’ll duplicate stitch over the sun to add a bit of colour.


Wow! Fantastic – great job.

Knitting with brain fog (not recommended!)

About to post off three pairs of socks to recipient when notice split stitch near toe of one. Horrors.

Next day, can’t find it again. Wonder whether I have imagined it. Day after that, found it again. Pull it to the wrong side to try to fool myself into thinking it doesn’t need fixing.

Realise during middle-of-night soul searching that it does need fixing. Could lead to hole. Can’t find it again. Several days pass. Suddenly becomes obvious that I need to find it from the wrong side. Sigh.

Undo sock toe (it was top down) and fix split stitch. Cannot find leftover yarn, so have to use tail that had been woven in and trimmed. V short. Mess up Kitchener by dropping stitches and have to tink back to live stitches twice.

Remember magnifying spectacles. Kitchener toe successfully. Weave in short tail with great difficulty.

Wonder why I knit.

Look at socks – very cosy and recipient will love them.

Remember why I knit :slight_smile:


Sounds all too familiar! I admire your persistence and recognize those middle-of-the-night rehashes of problem knits very well. Your recipient will only see gorgeous socks that are a joy to wear.

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Frustrating @kushami glad you got the love back when you saw your finished work.

I’ve finished the 3rd hat. Just put it in for a quick soak and shouldn’t take long to dry.
I’m having a few days off knitting now because we have a little trip planned… I’m looking forward to having a kitchen for a few days :laughing:


Hat 3


These hats get better and better. All the crafts people are going to compete to work at your house!

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Thanks :rofl: I’ve got 2 left, next would like a guitar either side of his name. Other is the boss, he’s cool, he runs the building company so I might just do tools either side, or maybe bricks.

I’ve applied for another test knit. Designer I’ve done tests for before, but she’s popular so not sure if I’ll get in. I like her designs, mosaic, so :crossed_fingers:


Port Sweater. Took me a month to knit.

And of course, I had to show off my 2024 flower garden.


Beautiful sweater that looks great on you. Love the variety in your garden too!

Thank you.

I have been working on this sweater by Yarnpirations called His cabled pullover.

I’m having a hard time sewing the arms. It’s not lining up too well. I followed the instructions.


Gorgeous cable work!
Are your measurements for the armhole and sleeve top close to those in the schematic? If so, pin together the edges of the sleeve to the underarm edges and pin the center of the sleeve to the shoulder seam. Then distribute the rest of the sleeve top along the front and back opening. See how that fits without too much stretching or puckering.
It’s going to be a magnificent sweater.

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