Whatcha' Knitting, May 2024

May, a beautiful transition month no matter where you are. Are you inspired by the new patterns from many designers and companies? Are the colors of the season getting you out to yarn stores and festivals? (Maryland Sheep & Wool is this weekend.)
Let us know what you’ve finished or still have on the needles or what is just a glimmer of an idea for a project.


The test knit got released today so I can finally share pictures of my project. Here it is https://www.ravelry.com/projects/SheenaStoneKnits/monsoons-blossom


Lovely as always.

too lazy to sew it all together right now because I’ve been using stitch markers as pins for sewing and I think it’s time to get real pins but this top for my friend’s wedding reception is finished otherwise


We’re having our kitchen redone. The builders are sweethearts, so I’m making them all hats. I found a tools chart online, made up the smiley face and used letters from the Alterknit book, with the pattern from the Bikey beanie.
I used Quince and Co Finch that my friend sent me over. She got it from Loop in London. Finch for colourwork is fantastic, just the right amount of ‘stickiness’.
First one is done (It’s been blocked now which settled the stitches and he has it already)… 4 more to go.


What a good idea for a very clever hat!
Having a kitchen remodeled is not for the faint of heart. It felt like we were camping out while ours was done. As a matter of fact, it might have been easier if we had just camped out in the backyard until it was over. It’ll be beautiful when it’s finished and worth the disruption.

I know! The kitchen is a building site at the moment. Luckily we have a storage room in the garage where we’ve set up the kitchen table with kettle, microwave and air fryer. The kids think it’s fun :crazy_face:
I can’t wait until it’s done, it’s going to be beautiful :heart_eyes:

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On my needles a panel I have adapted from the Japanese stitch pattern book. This is pattern 10 but I have added another repeat of one section plus stitches each end, an uneven hem and a fade out of the cable/open work in one panel.
The plan had been a sweater with cable/open sections and colourwork sections but I couldn’t get the weight of fabric right so instead I might go for several different Japanese stitch patterns. I’m kind of making it up as I go along with 2 sections for the front, 2 sections for the back and then sleeves. Just experimental.


I am still trying to get going on the buttonband for my longline cardie. Every time I think I have nailed a nice neat edge it turns out not to be.

I think I have knitted at least half the distance of the buttonband in swatches!

I landed on what seems to be an acceptable option this evening but don’t want to jinx myself.

When knitting a vertical buttonband (or a ribbed scarf perhaps) what do you all do for the edge?

Beautiful. I have a load of Malabrigo lace yarn that one of my knitty friends sent me after she declared she couldn’t knit with toothpicks :laughing:
I have a mental note to use it for a scarf/wrap using one of the stitch patterns from the Japanese Stitch Bible.


Creations, beautiful choice of stitch patterns. However you work it out, it’s going to be very pretty.

kushami, I sometimes work an extra edge slip stitch on buttonbands. That means ignoring the recommended number of sts to pick up and squeezing in an extra one at the ends for the slip stitch. Patty Lyons has some helpful techniques (as ever):

Good luck with those long bands. They sometimes feel equivalent to another sleeve!


Have you looked at the single cable button band? Maybe it’s not right for your project design though. Also I don’t think this is a vertical knit, it’s horizontal.

What lovely things in the making! I am so impressed with the hat idea - especially as I’m just about to start a bikey beanie for my husband - inspiring!

I have a couple of pairs of socks on the go (as always), one pair cuff down, another toe-up. I’m about to cast on a cotton camisole for my daughter, but my main aim this month is to choose a couple of big shawl patterns to take with me on the extended trip I’m taking this summer - I have miles of beautiful yarn to play with, but can’t decide what it wants to be. One will be a gradient, and another will probably be two shades of greige, but beyond that, I have no idea. I’m also finally going to get around to making the Amsterbam shawl that I’ve been humming and hahhing about for a couple of years. So lots of winding to do for all of those.

I know I should swatch all of these, but probably won’t because I hate swatching for bigger stuff and prefer to just get on with it and hope I don’t end up playing extreme yarn chicken at the end!

I have no doubt a couple more pairs of socks will end up on some tiny needles at some point too.

I also need to do some more spinning - I’m a novice, but very enthusiastic, and just need to make more time to play properly and try to improve both with my spindles and my new little nano.

It’s my birthday month (big birthday this time) as well, so I’m trying to decide how to celebrate that in a yarny way!


It doesn’t ring a bell. Sounds nice though!

Is this it?


Yes, that’s it. I should have posted a link but then thought no point as it’s not vertical and I spent a while looking for a nice button band I’d seen but couldn’t find it again… and then I gave up and finished a front for a sweater instead.

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Wow, you have a big to do list. It all sounds excellent.

Hat 2 done. Will block tomorrow.

Now charting for hat 3. 5 letter name and would like a mountain instead of a smiley face.


I love the designs on these hats. You are on a roll. Hope the kitchen is coming along too.

This is gorgeous, Creations - I love Japanese stitches and drool over the books but haven’t been brave enough to try putting them together in a combination; what a great job you’ve done!

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Thank you, that’s kind. It’s not a hard as it might seem. I think the tricky part is getting past feeling overwhelmed by the book and focusing in on one page.
The pattern I used is already set out as a panel, I just added another repeat of part of it as I did not want it symetrical, then added the extra stitches needed for the reverse rib before the chart starts.
I’m really not using the right yarn for this stitch pattern, it would be so much nicer in something else. But ploughing on.
I wish I was skilled enough to draw up my own travelling stitch designs though.