Whatcha' Knitting, May 2022

A good time to take your knitting or crochet outside before the heat of summer or the cold of winter. Perhaps your weather is cooperating and you can knit outside too.
Let’s see what’s on your needles or hooks. What have you finished and what’s next?
It may not be as large or ambitious as this but we’re all interested in your choices.


A messy one from me this month. Wobbly wobbly, bid stitches, small stitches.

I want to practise stranded colour work so that when I eventually get all my ideas, swatches and patterns together for my own colour design I will have better skill and better tension (its a long long way off yet but it’s my reason for choosing this).
I’m using this pattern for practice.

This has my first turned hem at the bottom, I should have used a smaller needle for it and might need to cut it off and redo the hem.
I have been over trapping my floats and whilst the size hasn’t been much effected the elasticity has. I was way over trapping!
In th last few rows I’ve changed how frequently I’m trapping the floats and gained some elasticity.
It’s all learning.
The yarn is stylecraft Recreate which is a recycled yarn of wool, Acrylic and plastic bottles.
I like this yarn far more than the king cole recycled yarn I used for the last project.


Cannot believe May is upon us. I enjoy this forum so much. Every time I see an email I feel like I have heard from a friend!!! I am currently making this super easy baby blanket! Happy knitting everyone!


This looks lively. Are you following a pattern or off-roading?
I’m making a garter rib baby blanket to donate, wish I’d chosen a more interesting pattern like yours.

I am following a pattern. It’s the Jasper Blanket by Linda Whaley. I found the pattern on Etsy. I am enjoying the project. The different stitches keep me interested! Hopefully I was successful at attaching the link! :slight_smile:

Jasper Blanket


Not technically on my needles, my latest finished project. This cashmere hat and scarf have been sent to my sister and gifted to her mother in law. I hear she was very happy.


That’s such a pretty gift. Both hat and scarf are beautifully finished.

Is it my eyes or is your yarn slightly variegated grey? I really like the subtle colour shifts if it isn’t plain dyed!

Thanks to you for your help getting me thru the scarf Salmonmac.

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This is beautiful! You should be proud of yourself for such a feat!

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Oh thank you for your kind words and encouragement.

It’s finished at last, no more blanket squares !!

I enjoyed making every one of them in all honesty :grinning:


Blanket squares isn’t really adequate to describe these fabulous squares. What a spectacular blanket! I’ll bet it’s fun to see from every angle.


Wow! What an achievement. There’s so much to look at, I love all the different textures.
Now I want to make a big blanket.

How did you join the squares?

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Truly stunning!

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Thank you :blush: I used 3 needle bind off throughout. It took a bit of puzzling out, but it worked out well and is a lot easier(in my head) than all that sewing up !!

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Thank you Salmonmac x

Thank you KnittinGigi x

It’s amazing how all the different colours blend together. It’s so beautiful and interesting with the different textures as well.

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I love the multicoloured illusion knit butterfly square!

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