Whatcha' Knitting? March, 2023

As well as that caterpillar top I was asking about, I’m also making the Mary maxim light n’ lacy poncho. It’s supposed to be for my sister’s birthday but given that her birthday is in two weeks, it might be a bit late.


It’s going to be gorgeous! It doesn’t look easy to knit so taking time with it is all to the good. Lovely present.

That is so pretty!
One of my knitty friends does lace shawls with little beads and my mind boggle at the intricacy.

I’m on the final patterned section of a test knit. Then I have some striped bits and done. It’s looking good, although I think it would have looked better with a different coloured mohair.
I have decided I am never ever going to knit with tiny mohair again though. I’ve told my knitty friends if I ever even suggest tiny mohair again they are to stage an intervention!

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Finished an afghan pattern from Moran Malron at Crochet Objet. It is a simple garter stitch afghan which is done in cotton. Warm enough for where I live!

The top picture just shows some of the finishing on it that’s all.


The I-cord bind off is the perfect finish. The entire afghan is so lovely: stitch pattern, colors, perfect.

Lovely. This shows just how beautiful garter stitch can be.

I love the stripes, and the i-cord edge is the perfect finishing touch!

So cozy! Very pretty too.

Very pretty. The i-cord is the perfect finish. :heart_eyes:

This was a kit I purchased from an Etsy shop called Crochet Objet. Mo Malron from that shop is the one that had the colors put together for this KISS Blanket. I can’t take the credit for the color scheme BUT I can take some credit for the knitting and I Cord that are applied. :wink:


I am using lefover sock yarn knitting squares for a blanket, Got 10 squares made and the 11th one in the needles .


Stuck now at front of top I’m making. Made back peace in plain stockinette stitch and was planning nice pattern for front but bamboo tinsel yarn is soft and slippery, didnt work out. Have to try different stitch. Ugh

What a pain to learn that at this point. Can you work the front in stockinette too?

@DaylilyDawn Looking forward to seeing the squares and the finished blanket, clever use for leftover sock yarn.