Whatcha' Knitting? March, 2021

Alright, almost spring for those of us in the northern hemisphere or heading into fall for folks in the southern hemisphere. A whole new season to look forward to in this unusual year. Let us have a glimpse at what’s on the needles or crochet hook. What plans are you thinking over for the next or next, next project? And of course, we’d love to see finished projects.

And one observation from a familiar friend:
Maggie Smith stitch markers


Here’s the design for a sweater vest I’m working on:

(I’m doing the middle color combo)

I just finished one similar, but it didn’t fit and it turned out all wonky so now I have to start over 🥲
But it’s ok, because I’m using a better pattern this time! The one that didn’t fit is pictured below:


Another new baby and yet another boy. Still no pink in cupboard.

Here is the welcome gift for him! Crocheted the basket as well. Another 4 of these ducks ready to sell for charity. image|674x1200


Perfect! The family and baby will love it.

Continuing the discussion from Whatcha' Knitting? March, 2021:

I have just finished this cardigan knitting with circular needles. I have for the first time done a steek which entails having to cut down the middle to open as a cardigan. Very nerve racking but proud of myself as it didn’t unravel or leave any holes phew. I hope my mum likes it.


I’m sure your mum will be thrilled to get it! Love the yarn you used, too. Well done!

Very impressive, a steek and pockets too! Beautiful sweater.

Wow, impressive cardigan. I’m sure your mum will love it. If not then send it my way, my son would love :blue_heart: that cardigan!

Finally got around to posting a photo of what I’m knitting, felted slippers for my little man. His fav colour is pink so he’s chosen cerise and sea blue and I’m using a drops pattern and two threads.

Just got one slipper tacked ready to seam

We’re just moving into spring here…but in the UK you can still need a pair of warm slippers!

I’m also making wings for little man to fly around the garden, and a cotton hand towel which I had to put on hold as it was giving me sore fingers, RSI.


The colors look fantastic! I’m looking forward to seeing the finished slippers.
What yarn did you use?

Thank you.
The yarn is Drops Nepal which is a wool and alpaca mix. I used the yarn converter to switch from the suggested yarn on the pattern which was Drops Snow.
The pattern is House Elves.

I have a lot of yarn left over so I think the converter was generous in its estimations.
I thought I might try out a flower pattern and see how they come out felted. If we like the flowers I’ll sew them on after felting.

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Socks on 4 double point needles. The yarn is I Love This Yarn Jazz Stripe by Hobby Lobby. This is an easy short row you’ll be knitting and purling back and forth. No wraps.

*Use any yarn, any needles, any cast on number. Knit the sock according to pattern up until the heel turn. Work back and forth on half the stitches, leave the other half unworked and on the needles in reserve. On the working half, you will work this in thirds. The middle stitches will be unworked. Example: CO 36 stitches. Put half or 18 stitches on hold. Work the second half. Knit across the row leaving the last 6 sts on the needle. Turn. Without slipping, purl 6 sts leaving the last 6 sts on the needle. Turn. Knit 6 stitches. Knit one stitch after the gap. Turn. Purl 7 sts. Purl one st after the gap. Turn. Knit 8 sts until you come to the gap. Knit 1 after the gap. Turn. P9 sts until you come to the gap. P 1 after the gap. Turn. Continue in this manner until all original 6 sts on right and left sides have been used up. Combine all the sts just worked and in reserve. Divide in thirds. Continue to knit in the round. You may have to pick up one or two stitches at each of the heel corners then k2tog to close the hole after the last heel stitches have been worked.


I’m working on a light green baby blanket that has a lace pattern. The pattern is 12 rows and each row is different. It makes a beautiful baby blanket. When I finish with it and get it blocked out, I’ll try to post a picture.

I’m also working on a cross stitch landscape picture. It’s 18 count Aida cloth and is going to be a 20 x 18 size. I’m about 1/3rd through. It’s fun and frustrating. Many flower and trees and many 2 and 3 stitches and then change colors. Slow but sure. It’s going to be beautiful if I ever finish it.


Nice colors, fatoldlady! I DO love “I Love this Yarn” When I first got it I was looking for something inexpensive to knock around the house with (for myself). After knitting about 6 inches I started to realize “hey this stuff feels good.” The finished sweater solved my problems with other yarns similarly used, which pilled excessively & there were always big gobs of stuff wadded in the underarm area. Since my expensive handspun angora was not as popular with the family as I had hoped, I started using it for all gifting & yay! They all like it too. I say buy while the getting is good. They change their inventory often.

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What I really like is the striping pattern! It looks like you made a big effort with fair isle, but it’s straight stockinette stitch.