Whatcha' Knitting? June, 2022

What a treasure this little cardigan is! This is going to be one very fashionably dressed baby. Well done.
Did you use a pattern and would you share the pattern name please?

what a perfectly sweet cardigan!

ThankYou , I pressed it once finished and now it looks a bit flat so away to wash it and hopefully it’ll fluff up . The pattern is sirdar 5237 in super soft Aran . It knitted up quite fast thankfully as I’m not the fastest knitter and my darling gd is growing quicker than I can knit !!!


finally got his one

Thought i do something different. For my mum who has dementia and her favorite colour is green. She has just received a lovely comfy chair so decided to knit her an Armchair Tidy.


That’s such a good idea and a very pretty result. I love the different stitch patterns.

Lovely knitting and a very sweet gesture - She will love it!

Thank you


I just finished a little baby cardigan- It was a quick knit with chunky yarn (I just started last night, and finished now). The pattern is Wee Zippy by Taiga Hilliard.


You knitted that fast!

That’s darling. Who doesn’t love unicorns!

I love these socks! My grandniece is always asking me to knit her socks and I think she’d love these! Can you share the pattern name so I can go grab it for my Christmas knitting…:kissing_heart:

It’s lovely! It’s such a warm feeling knitting for someone… Good for you and I’m sure your mum will love it…:two_hearts:

Love the pattern!!! I am trying to go through all my yarn I purchased for a specific project. It’s getting a little overwhelming for me to see all the yarn and very little done. So my goal is to get them finished before I buy anything else… Or at least half…:wink:. But I do love this sock pattern… Maybe I have some yarn I can use to knit them up… Care to share the pattern name? Oh oh! Here I go again!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Hi, I’m so sorry not to have been able to reply sooner, I’ve only just been able to get back on here!!
The pattern is Hungry Ghost by Phyll Lagerman
So sorry for the delay

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