Whatcha' Knitting? June, 2022

Thank you :blush: The pattern is Shipwreck Shawl by Knitting Harpy. It starts off very interesting but, for me anyway, became very tedious for the long last rows - miles and miles of yo, k2togs with random bead placements and several needle size increases.Enthusiasm dimmed pretty rapidly and it languished on needles for about 4years!! lolz


Thank you Lalla :blush:

So glad that those projects have come out of hibernation and we get to see them. Both are lovely.

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wow! after reading your description of the challenges, I am 10 times more impressed; the shawl is truly lovely! and, I am just betting the sweater is a super relief/palate cleanser


I got my daughter to model for me it’s a bit big for her lol.


Looks fabulous!

That turned out great! Congratulations!

Sorry, I can’t see the photo of your blanket. Not sure if it’s just me.

Color is stunning as well as pattern. I also would love to see it on.

There it is! Love it!

Just off the needles!


Oh my goodness, this is absolutely adorable!
It is so unusual too. Love it.
What is the pattern?

I need a baby to knit for!!

Could not be cuter! The colors are yummy.

Wow that is lovely

Adorable!! Just so cute :heart_eyes:
Someone is going to be thrilled to receive this.

Lolos poncho. Free on Ravelry. Look at project comments from those that have already made it as pattern is a bit funny.


Yep thats what happens when you run out if yarn. :joy:



Just finished this for my granddaughter

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Ooh lovely.
Beautiful squishy cables.

All these baby knits… I’ve ended up starting a bright coloured baby dress even though there is no baby to give it to!! (I am old enough to be a grandparent but my son is a long way off being old enough for children, I have a looooooong wait)