Whatcha' Knitting? June, 2022


Here comes summer (well, at least meteorological summer). A good time for cold weather knitting while on vacation or maybe you’re already in the beginning of the cold weather.
What’s on your needles or hooks and what are your knitting or crochet plans?


I have several projects on the needles- a baby blanket, chemo caps, scarves, slippers, and a top that I started several summers ago. I am hoping to finish these and in the process make a few other things like baby dresses and a furry cat for my husband- he loves cats but he is allergic and I found the best yarn for it! I find that I make very ambitious plans, but I am not always a great finisher- hence all my half finished projects. I struggle because my hands hurt, so I quit for a while. Also, I am going to school to become a nurse, so knitting isn’t my #1 priority


Sounds like a severe case of startitis!! There’s a lot of it around us crafters lol :laughing:
Here’s one wip I have managed to finish ( it is possible to finish wips, just not very often) These were started October 2017, frogged & restarted once or twice in between, and finally restarted with different yarn and needles and, thankfully, completed lol :laughing:


Sometimes there are projects you put into hibernation awaiting a better time to work them. One strategy is to finish a WIP once a month or even every two months.
And sometimes there are projects that just have to go. Rip them out or say good-bye.

Notknittingknots, gorgeous socks that will be a joy to wear and show off!


Ok here is the finished project


Stunning! That top looks fabulous. Enjoy wearing it and enjoy all the compliments.

Finished baby kimono in 3 x 3 rib, baby blanket in 3 x 3 garter rib and a little rib hat (not yet blocked - I am now in love with steaming acrylic!). Sewing buttons is not my thing at all but I wanted buttons rather than the icord tie which I made but wasn’t keen on. There is a small button on the inside to keep the cross over straight and in place.
These are all for donating so the size isn’t crucial but the button can be moved to alter fit if needed. The icord ties would have given a more flexible sizing of course.


that is really lovely - I’d love to see how it looks when worn…do you have someone to model it? We’d love to see a photo!


Beautiful work, Creations! Some baby is going to look very fetching, indeed!!

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Oh thank you. It was to use up the yarn I had a colour match problem with (my yarn was replaced by the supplier so in effect this is free yarn so I made something to donate to pass on the benefit of a freebie). There’s no visible problem in these as i could just use one ball and no need to match up. That’s the good thing about little clothes.

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Gorgeous, Creations - did you have a pattern? If so whose is it??? Or did you just make it up yourself?? In which case, did you keep notes???!

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I’m still in my Stephen West phase; finished the Honeycombs shawl, then the Botanic, which I gave to my friend Coton Julie, who looked after my puppy for me in the UK for six weeks (no truer friend!!) before we could get him to Hong Kong where I live. Now I’m on Crystal Fragments, having just done SW’s Modular Knitting course which I highly recommend to anyone new to modular knitting. He also, in that course, explains his version of how to do short rows, which seems to me to beat all the other ways hollow. It is SO easy. And SO effective. I’ve also got Cafe Knitting on the go. I’m kind of impressed by people who have lots of wip-s going at once. I’m always torn between finding it easier to keep just one lot of instructions/pattern in my head at one time, there’s always that having to re-learn it when you chop and change? Or maybe it’s just being less young than I was (!!) and forgetting more easily?? But it does, on the plus side, keep one’s interest going, especially in anything massively repetitive. Crystal Fragments is fun because you change colours so often, and that is entertaining in itself. And SW’s ‘weavin’ Stephen’ way of weaving in ends as you go is such a help. I’m really enjoying this modular technique, it’s so neat and satisfying. And you don’t need to buy the course to learn his techniques for short rows and weavin’ Stephen, they are, along with many other useful videos, all on YouTube.

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Good to hear from you, Lalla. And good to know that your “all things Stephen West” projects are ongoing. You are our SW afficionado. Hope to see these projects soon.

I’m a serial knitter myself, maybe a small on-the-go project but usually one main item.

Good to hear from you, Salmonmac; I don’t know about ‘aficionado’!! “Amateur Hopeful” might be a better description. But as with any instructions, if you stick to one for a while you get to know their little ways, and that’s comforting. Also, they are beautiful!! And I really enjoy his teaching manner, he’s so ‘can do’, says ‘yes’, doesn’t stress. My new puppy has rather put paid to concentration on much other than watching for when he needs to go out, clicker-training sessions, walks, trying not to get drenched in Hong Kong’s rainy season. Thunderstorms are taken totally in stride, happily - they happen so often and at such a decibel-level there’s nothing for it but to get used to them! I knit in the blessed relief of when both my dogs sleep! I’ll post photos (of knitting, not endless puppy ones, I promise!) when I can get my laptop working properly - it’s on strike at the moment for some reason - can’t do it on my iPad for some other reason.

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I had patterns, although as usual didn’t stick to them.

Only changed the cast on and bind off on the blanket, the Icelandic for both as it is very stretchy as well, as pretty and the stretch is just what was needed for the ribbed fabric to fully drape.

Icelandic cast on and hind off again, lovely edge for this rib which really has to stretch out to give the body length. I used dk yarn instead of fingering, and an afterthought button hole which although called afterthought I planned from the outset to have a button.

And the hat I combined some info from a couple of different places to knit flat, guess at size and get it in the 3 x 3 rib. But it was half based on this pattern

Looking forward to seeing some of these projects when your technology is being agreeable (I think we might need to see the puppy too!).

I watched the weaving Stephen method you mentioned and personally found it more fiddly than my usual method of weaving in as you go but I think preference for methods could depend on whether you usually hold the yarn on the left or right. It was interesting to see a different method though.

I finished a long time wip shawl, still needs blocking - when the weather permits!! and I have started a cardigan from really deep dive stash, it will be lovely for the autumn.


Wow the stitch work in the shawl looks amazing! Which pattern is this?

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Wonderful shawl, knot knitting knots!

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Oh, definitely - preferences depend on lots of things; I knit Portuguese style, so maybe it’s easier for that.