Whatcha' Knitting? June, 2021

Into the summer here in the northern hemisphere and time to knit for winter. What’s on your needles or crochet hooks? What are you queuing up next in your project list or what technique are you determined to learn?

learned socks


I love the work of French designer Yarnflakes (Audrey Borrego - her designs are in English and French) and I think my main summer project is going to be either her summer top Xyris or cardigan Ninon. I’m not 100% sure my skill level is sufficient yet as I’ve never attempted to knit a garnment (nor lace!) but I’ve already bought the designs and they’re very well explained for beginners. I intend to swatch and see if it looks like I can make it or not.

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I thought I’d try this. image image


Finally got the hang of granny squares ( it’s only taken 40 years to click lol)
and a cotton cardigan is on needles, just need to do the sleeves to finish it but my mind is only on crochet just now :smiley:


I’m knitting Novita’s Evening Delight for myself. I’m a bit obsessed with brioche stitch at the mo - first time I’ve tried it in the round and it knits up so nicely. There are some comments on Ravelry which made me think it could be tricky but I haven’t found it to be so (yet :crossed_fingers:).

Also need to make up a dragon I’ve made for a friend but I always put off making up… Must get on with it…


I love that cardi! Is it from a pattern?

I love this little tank top!! Is it from a pattern? I’d love to do it myself.

It is called Madison Top. Free download on Ravelry.




I love brioche myself and this is a very lovely sweater. It’s beautiful.
Now, don’t keep that dragon waiting!

Ok, ok :grin:

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Thank you, it’s a Drops pattern. I’ve changed mine ever so slightly by only doing 1 repeat of the heart pattern around the yoke.


Thanks so much, Deby!!

I’ve added it to my favorites. Love it and your version! Thank you for the link.


That’s such a lovely take on the pattern. And just goes to show that I shouldn’t immediately dismiss a pattern just because I don’t like the photo given. There are so many ways to make it your own. Yours is beautiful.


Working Anke Strick’s Diary Cardigan. It’s been an adventure. Got lost once in a series of increases and it was big time story problem time. Her construction methods are (to me) unorthodox, but @salmonmac is correct, the cardigan is knitting up beautifully! Hardly any seam noted on the inner collar. Amazing! :star_struck: Diary Cardigan


That’s working up beautifully. Very nicely knit.
Ankestrick’s patterns are carefully written but it does take a bit of work to get on her wavelength. Once there, it’s all pretty smooth.

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I’m knitting grocery bags. Since I only shop once a month I need a lot of them. After I get done I don’t think I want to knit another one ever again.


My first comforter something easy that you don’t have to think about knitting a nice change!


That’s so adorable! Very nicely knit.
Did you follow a pattern?

Hi, I’m learning how to knit and half way through the sidar 4508 baby coat pattern. If I ever manage to work out the sleeves and finish it I’ll be moving on next to a baby boys cardigan/jumper pattern, hopefully much more simple than the current one. So far this month I’ve made several toys with crochet patterns, it’s all been an enjoyable learning curve. Glad to have this forum for company