Whatcha' Knitting? July, 2021

Plans are already afoot for December holiday knitting and crochet. You all are going to be prepared for gift giving when the times comes. It’s a delight to see the stockings and hats in progress and it’s an inspiration.
Let us know what you’re knitting or what plans you have to keep the knitting needles and crochet hooks busy.

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Tiny beckoning cats, my own design!


Very cute

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On the needles this month, my first bit of lace on an otherwise plain stockinette top

It’s a sirdar pattern and I switched the yarn to stylecraft naturals bamboo and cotton. I’m enjoying the yarn and lace.



It looks like it produces a nice fabric, I like your colour choice too :blush:

I think the lighting has made the colour more attractive than it actually is. It’s just a really regular black. I was being practical as I wear mostly black but I’d prefer to knit a different colour to be honest.

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Very pretty top! Thanks for the link.

I started Xmas gift knitting in January as lm quite slow, very mundane, all socks lm afraid at a rate of one pair per month for rainbowsockchronicles although last pair took the 3 weeks…they were size 12…huge


As some might already guess, it is socks again.

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Those look lovely and warm. What yarn did you use?

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Thank you! I used Novita 7 Brothers (aran weight, 75%wool, 25% some kind of polyamide which probably means nylon).

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I just finished!!! It took me longer that I planned but I was more busy with my work load.

I really enjoy the result

Didn’t allow me to load my picture:(

Have been full on production of unicorn pj cases and headbands for charity. Another 6 this month. I also tried the hippo pattern for a gift which was really nice.

To change things up I had a go at some baby shoes which are really cute and in 3 ply where I usually knit in Aran or chunky.

For Xmas I am planning Christmas wreaths only 7 of them. Might have to start them in september


I can’t see your photo - what am I doing wrong?

@Claudia1, there seems to be a problem with the forum currently. The banner on top of the forum is also gone. You are not doing anything wrong. Hopefully the forum admins will get this fixed soon.

Yes, I tried uploading my own photo with my Whatcha Knitting post and it didn’t work, either.

Thank you for the kind response!


So baby shoes

from a pattern little French knits

And hippo

from knitting by post. All for charity


Those shoes and the hippo are fantastic. So adorable. I’m sure they will be much appreciated.