Whatcha' Knitting? January, 2023

Just finished a hat for my granddaughter. I had some yarn I liked in my stash that I had used for something else very small. So I weighed what was left and decided to hope it was enough. Also my first try at a pom Pom for the top.


Talk about a labour of love! I thought my niece’s cabled cardigan was consuming!!! Truly amazing! Wouldn’t it be great to keep this for when he grows up and has a child of his own? That’s if it lasts through his wearing it! :joy:. Great job…

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It honestly wasn’t as difficult as it looks. A cable cardigan is probably more difficult I think.
The knitting took hardly any time but i spent a month procrastinating about sizes and what to make (his cardy or my sweater). Having so many colour changes adds a lot of finishing up though - carrying 2 or 3 colours all the way up would have so few ends to weave whereas I had tons even with carrying up where I could. Add yarn chicken in the mix, I switched the collar to 2 colours instead of 1 and actually started saving my red yarn tails to use as spare yarn! I think I had a 6" piece left at the end!

Living on the edge eh? :joy:


I had to scroll up and have another look. Your collar looks totally planned and intentional. I nominate you for a knitting with what you have and making it look phenomenal award!


:rofl: Playing chicken with yarn! I bet we’ve all done that… More often than we’d like to admit! Great job non the less…:grin:

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I have about 5 WIPs that I am currently working on, two are using wool from Quince & Co. Which I absolutely adore. One is a cardigan and the other is a cowl. I am also knitting my first try at gloves, and Venation Shawl with Koigu KPPM which is fun.

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I shall blushingly accept that reward with thanks.

I had planned a red collar and button band. When I realised how close I was getting to the end of the yarn I had to reconsider. If I had made the collar with a second colour all around I think it would be okay but perhaps look more of an after thought so I introduced the turquoise with an intarsia join to keep a red section in line with the button band. I do think that helped a great deal.
I also worked some make it up as you go along short rows across the back collar so that it sat a touch higher. Amazing what you pick up on this forum, the short rows worked a treat, despite running out of yarn the collar looked quite substantial rather than thin. If that makes sense. It helps it look more planned rather than oh I ran out of yarn.

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Gloves sound way too difficult for me - all those little fingers! I don’t think I can knit small.

I hope to see some of your projects.

I’ve just finished another shawl.
Made small mods to the finish doing it in stripes instead of one colour.
Super simple mosaic and easy to get in a nice rhythm. I need some warm sunny days, because I’ve now got 2 to block.
Project page - https://www.ravelry.com/projects/SheenaStoneKnits/fizz-pop-shawl


Very nice.
That mosaic stitch pattern is fabulous. I’ve never done mosaic, I must do some!

Thanks. I enjoy mosaic. Already started another today, Titan Moon shawl by the same designer.

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I seem to have real trouble downloading photos, I think because I’m using an iPad and can’t face struggling with my ‘proper’ laptop! I finished the Painting Waves, and got side tracked in the middle of the triangles with a new-found sock addiction. What is it about socks? I don’t even like socks!! Maybe it’s the end-in-sight- aspect, or the gratitude that we are not centipedes???!!! I must look up ‘socks’ on this forum and read up on thoughts on this much-vaunted topic!