Whatcha' Knitting? January, 2023

Happy new year!

I’m making my third Room With A View shawl. This pattern is my happy place, after a big knit I like something simple to do.

It’s a rhymical mosaic and I’m using blues that my husband brought me back from a work trip to Texas.


Had to google Klonoa, very cool looking character. Best of luck!

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Thanks very much, Snowball! :smiley:

Wishing you all a happy new year!

I have the colourful nordic cardigan to finish for my son - one sleeve to set in, button band to knit, buttons to sew on. These ‘finishing’ aspects take me three or four times longer than the knitting.

And next, I have frogging on my mind.
I do not wear a single thing I made for myself. They look quite nice and I enjoyed making them but they just take up storage space.
I’d love to make something that I love to wear. That’s the goal for this year.


Will you please post a project link when you’ve finished your sons cardigan? I love seeing Nordic knits :slight_smile:

I get the not wearing anything totally. I don’t wear anything knitted, I live in Spain so not much need for warm things.

I do love knitting though and use it to make new neural pathways after an illness (I’m fine now). My hands are so steady after I’ve been knitting, and if I don’t knit for a couple of days I really notice a difference.

I make shawls and I love different stitch patterns, and the pretty yarn of course.
Most of the time I either gift to friends or they give me the yarn+postage cost. You don’t make any money from it, but that’s not the point for me, I’m just happy someone loves it and wear them.
Because I was getting a bit of a cupboard full a friend suggested I put my shawls on Etsy. So I thought why not and put a few on. Now there’s a lovely lady in Germany swinging round in one of them. Maybe you could do that if you are not using the things you make?


The body of the cardigan is on last months watcha’ knitting
My son chose the colours he likes bright bright multicoloured happy colours.

It’s a free Drops pattern

I really have no motivation to sell anything although totally understand why you would put your knits up for sale - makes sense and helps to buy more yarn, I can see that.
I live in the UK and can make great use of warm sweaters, even in the summer! I am convinced every time that a small size will be too small, I choose a larger size and the results are too big. I need to make chunky over sized sweaters so that they are right to be big!


It’s pretty cool that knitting became a sort of medicine for you. Glad to hear you’re doing well. I like your attitude towards selling and it’s pretty neat that someone in Germany is wearing your knitting. Sometimes a hobby should stay that way and doesn’t need to be used to make extra money and it seems like you found that balance :+1:t3:


I cannot wait for the final reveal, it’s already a beautiful piece!

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Still on my Stephen West kick; currently knitting Painted Triangles and Painted Waves, both from his “Painting Shawls” book; I love these patterns, they are easy but not boring because you change colours so often, and each design is so different. I’ve made a couple of his hats, too - it’s unusually chilly in Hong Kong at the moment (where I live)!


Hi, Happy New Year!
Finished a minecraft character for my grandson. " Creeper ", a little Christmas gnome and boot cuffs with matching fingerless gloves. Next will be the matching scarf.


We need a Stephen West update. So glad to see that you’re knitting his fantastic shawls.

Oh yes photo updates please!

Any Minecraft fan would adore this. Lucky grandson!

That’s fantastic!

Just finished my 3rd Room With A View. I’ll block next week.

Now I’m going to wind a couple of skeins for the Fizz Pop shawl. I’m using my favourite Malabrigo colour Fortaleza.


Malabrigo have such wonderful colours… I still have some DK Archangel leftover from making some gloves for a former colleague. Beautiful shawl, too, the mosaic pattern is really interesting!


I love Malabrigo. I think they might have slightly changed their dying setting ways, or maybe someone doing some training… In the last year my knitty friends and I have noticed the colours bleeding quite a bit. For me the blues and greens, one shawl was ruined, luckily I have a friend that liked the off white bluey grey so I sent it to her.
From this…
To this…

One of my knitty friends said she had to rinse though a dark pink several time because the excess dye was massive.

Now we rinse all colours. This fortaleza took about 8 rinses, and several colour catcher sheets before the water finally ran clear.


Stunning! I do love color catchers.

I wouldn’t mind that colour change, either, but yeah, that’s more a happy accident than something desirable. Good idea to rinse and use colour catchers!

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Ooh lovely pieces!