Whatcha' Knitting, January 2021?

A whole new year to look forward to. We created our way through a very difficult 2020, used resources we never knew we had and learned new things along the way.

What are your knitting and crochet plans for 2021? What were your favorite projects of the past year?


I often feel like the boy second from the left when learning something new.


I really want to knit the Heublein pullover from Amy Herzogs You Can Knit That,
I have been looking for a less expensive wool option than the suggestion but have yet to knit a swatch that has the right gauge & feel so I may just order the green mountain spinnery alpaca/wool blend . This should take me most over the winter and spring even if schools stay open in my area. So that is my 2021 goal

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So 2021 is the year of charity knitting for me. My plan is 50 Marian shrugs as posted in December for research into childhoodcancer. 10 Easter chicks for the development of artificial limbs for children, 5 baby blankets and bears, and anything similar until I have another 50 items. Some people have already been kind donating wool from their stashes. I just hope that others will buy to help the charities. Looks like another busy one.


Those are really admirable goals. All the items sound useful and guaranteed to bring a smile (see especially chicks and bears).

One down and sold


Darling sweater and model. Well done!