Whatcha' Knitting? January, 2019


Happy New Year, everyone!
And happy knitting and crocheting to all of us. Let’s see what projects you’ve completed lately or tell us your plans for the coming months.


Yay, happy 2019 everyone! Thanks for starting this, Mary Anne! Way to be prompt! :clap:

It’s been SUCH a busy Fall. I’m looking forward to more downtime and more knitting this month. Erin’s sweater from last year (which was roomy when I made it) still fits and desperately needs new buttons. The old ones were painted, it turns out, and look horrible as the paint is wearing off. I finally got new buttons, so that’s the first order of business!


I will be knitting dice bags for my two daughters. They are into D&D and Critical Role. They have their own dice collections.


I will be knitting these mittens. They’re intriguing. It’s an Indian wedge thumb. I’m not finding anything about it online, just this video in Russian which I don’t speak. I’ve watched the video numerous times and finally wrote the pattern down. https://youtu.be/CzD6nUMGXWI


Happy 2019 to everyone :tada::grinning::sparkler:
Made a new cardi for gdaughter, she’s into 12 month size already ( sorry for the poor photos but it’s mid winter here,there’s no light and it has been raining and gloomy for MONTHS - well, it feels like months!!)

Also started a tribute shawl for Mmario, this is his Yleonore’s Sampler Shawl

and I’ve also just started a hat for DH called Irma Hat


Wow, those projects really relieve the gloom! So beautiful and in such lovely colors too.

We’ve broken the all time record for rain in the Washington DC area, by a wide margin. I can appreciate your feelings about the constant clouds. You found the perfect way to spend the time indoors.


Love those little dolls in your photo!

I’m working on a poncho that I started in the fall – wasn’t intended to be a Christmas present, fortunately. It’s coming along, but slowly. Am also working on some things for a local charity knitting group.


Two FOs so far this month👍


Both are gorgeous and the pompom is a perfect topper :grinning:


Mmm-mmm, love the pompom and the cowl is very pretty and cozy.


I just luv a furry pompom!!
The cowl is actually avocado green, to wear with hat, but my phone won’t get the color right:(


Thank you both again!! Very kind words:))


I LOVE the cowl. So pretty, and looks cozy without being huge! I’m a small build, and cowl patterns usually look suffocating to me. Could you please share the pattern name or link - if you can? I’d love to make one for myself! I’ve been away from knitting for a long time, but this cowl would be just the inspiration I’ve needed to pick up my needles again :heart_eyes:


During 2018 I made a ton of large blankets, about 9 or 10 along with a bunch of hats and other small projects. So I decided to take a break and make some new dish cloths. I’m currently working on the Garterlac cloth and not 100% sure that I’m doing it right. But I’m thinking it is kinda fun to make and wouldn’t it make a cool patchwork blanket made with Bernat blanket yarn?


Very pretty cloths. It’s a good idea to try all sorts of patterns on small squares and then stitch them together in a blanket.


Luv your kitty Island Time😻
The pattern is Cowl With a Little Twist, by Geewoolikers. Found it on Ravelry (free download!) while searching for something to knit with a super bulky yarn that was a gift. You can see my mods; I’m karynknitsme on Ravelry! Go for it!! Have fun😉


I’m designing/making some seamless cotton leggings for my infant son. Kind of basing it loosely on something like this pattern: https://knittingonthenet.com/patterns/babyleg.htm. but mine will have drawstring instead of elastic at the waist, will have feet on them, and will be closed instead of open with snaps (so, haha, actually nothing like that pattern, but i did take inspiration for the shaping from that pattern!). Thelegs will be striped also, just for fun.

Started at the waist and working down, so far so good:) :


Very nicely done! I like the idea of stripes too.


Thanks so much, Karyn! Kitty is “Nigel” - was probably just under a year old, and totally feral when he arrived in our back yard during a cold February. He’s now over 16 years and rules the house :slight_smile:


I have been knitting more dishcloths and another baby blanket for craft show season this year. Here are two pictures of two of the dishcloths I have knitted so far:
Mistletoe%20Dishcloth%20(Small) New%20Crazy%20Dishcloth%20(Small)

I also plan to knit more extra large dishcloths and begin knitting something new: cat toys.

Good luck to all of you with your projects and with this year!