Whatcha' Knitting, February 2022

And so, drum roll please …


And 2 pink unicorn bags, a premie cardi, 2 loopy cardis and a tester romper suit not quite finished. Phew


Wow you are like a bootie factory!
And every pair beautifully finished.

Absolutely a drum roll and the trumpets and tubas too! Those bootees will make the entire family happy

I thank you. The buttons, the plastic feet and The cellophane bags just make the difference. I ve got 5 more pairs to do and that order is complete. The tester romper suit is also pretty good. Not quite finished but i’ll Post that too

I am just hoping the customer is not selling them on for a profit😡

So this is the romper suit a free pattern for prem.

My mom use to knit us mittens and she would somehow double the hand part so they were twice as thick. I haven’t tackled mittens yet, yet alone gloves. Good job!

Curious. How come this yarn is cheater fair isle.

That’s what I call it lol. It’s yarn that has certain color patches. All you do is knit with it but it creates those patterns that come out like complicated fair aisle.

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Thanks. Might have to give that a try

The specific brand is Hobby Lobby I Live This Yarn acrylic Jazz Stripe. They had other colors with the Stripe label. I think one was Sunset Stripe. They make a great fair isle pattern.

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Knitted for my son


Very good looking and so nicely knit. What is the name of your pattern and what yarn did you use?
I’m sure your son will love it.

The name of the pattern is called Malvern by Pat Menchini. I used Marriner Chunky 100% acrylic.
Yes he loves it.


image image
Just finished these two ponchos/ponchettes, and now have about 4 inches to complete the endless circle vest. I am using up the Patons Peak yarn from my stash.



Those ponchos look so warm and cozy. They’ll be very welcome in the cold weather, I’m sure.

I’m looking forward to seeing the endless circle vest. I once made a similar pattern and loved the result.

Well, finished my Endless Circle Vest, and cannot believe what I did :weary:I trusted my memory when casting on, and put on the number of stitches for size 2x instead of large​:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:! It is REALLY big​:cry:


To me, it looks like a lovely oversized but cozy jumper. That is a frustrating mistake, though.

I think the size is great.
What an impressive design! A real head turner piece.

Such a fascinating pattern and gorgeous knit. I love the yarn that you used.