Whatcha' Knitting?, December 2020

Beautiful work.

Knitting as a favor to my cousin, a child’s cardigan for her grand daughter. Brink Sweater by Heidi May.
Cute pattern and fun watching the back pleat emerge! image|1200x900, 50%


What a lovely cardigan! I know a little girl who would love one of these.

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Love that green poncho! My favourite colour! :heart_eyes:

Thank you! Green is my favorite color too.

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Very quick knit. Super fun pattern but those giant needles…ouch. Never thought bigger would be harder but, yep. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s a real adjustment to go to extra large needles. I just made some hats on size 13 needles which is a big change for me.

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Exactly. And that cardigan pattern uses a 15!

I made these gloves to match a hat I had in my stash, to give a friend for Christmas. It’s a slouchy hat and she didn’t want a pompom so it’s bare on top! You can’t see it properly, but the gloves have Latvian braids (the pink/purple metallic bands). Never done those before but they weren’t too difficult.


Beautiful set. The Latvian braids can be difficult if you make them too tight. Yours look very nicely done.


Thanks, salmonmac! I was using larger needles than normal (compared to 1.5mm, most needles are big!) so I think that helped with the braids.

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For my son moving from Arizona to Maryland in January. He’ll need them there. Hope they fit. It’s a paid pattern from Knit Picks “Pop Top Mittens”. I used Knit Picks Swish in chestnut. #6 needles and I made the cuff longer. Not blocked yet, just off the needles.

I finished my first Tempestry project. It’s for Canton Georgia, 2012. It’s done in linen stitch, one day per row. I added a row between each month and slipped the first stitch, instead of a seed stitch border. Lots of work weaving in the ends - but I like it.
Also did a really cute baby blanket. From Ravelry: Tilting Blocks Baby Blanket. It’s a gift for a baby boy coming in March. Very quick and easy to do.


Wow that is so beautiful @blulow :heart_eyes: and those colours… :star_struck:
The blue-green one is so lovely, and my favourite colour!

Both projects, so well done. It looks like you’ve had generally nice temperatures throughout the year (and what a year to remember!).

The baby blanket is gorgeous and is a fabulous gift.

I’ve been knitting chunky hats and had a go at cable knitting I suffer with anxiety can’t leave the house and I have found knitting has helped enormously if I’m not knitting I feel stressed so it is good for me in more ways than one!!!


Beautiful work, @blulow
The tempestry project looks like fun and the blanket it an heirloom gift.

Mum’s jumper for Christmas! Just needs a little bit of fine tuning then it’s ready to be wrapped.


What a stunningly gorgeous sweater!
What pattern and yarn did you use?

The pattern is Bloomfield by Berrocco and the yarn is Scheepjes Colour Crafter in Alkmaar

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