Whatcha' Knitting?, December 2020

We’ve made it to the final month of this difficult year. Has knitting or crocheting helped you through? What have you finished and what are your plans for future projects?

Here’s some fun for the days to come whatever holiday you celebrate:

No peeking ahead of time.


Knitting and my kitties have helped me. I made the projects shown and several pairs of knitted knockers.


Time very well spent. Your projects are all beautiful. Well done!

Thank you.


What gorgeous sweaters! Very nicely done.

I love your green poncho!

Such beautiful projects! I’m just knitting socks. I’m frustrated with a stitch that I have to keep tiinking. I must be bored with it and not paying attention.


Those are terrific looking socks, no just about them. Great looking yarn too.

I am knitting these for charity have completed two. Charity is for research into childhood luekimia. Everyone I can sell raises £1 for charity.


That’s simply adorable! I’ve had that pattern in my favorites but haven’t made it yet. Yours is lovely.

Got side tracked from the Jenny pattern with these neck warmers(cowls) and almost finished the pocket scarf 20201109_130502|1066x1200


The cowls are so expertly knit. The lace, the cables, mmm-mmm.

I taught myself to knit when the pandemic started. I’ve made so many projects now. My favorite one was a Harry Potter Weasley sweater as a wedding gift for my sister. I’m making Christmas presents now. I also taught my 6 year old to knit and he knit a rainbow scarf for his friend. Here are some of the things I’ve made and my sons scarf that he made

20200930_082342|1200x900 20200912_150927|900x1200


You and your son are a knitting powerhouse team! Those are stunning projects, beautifully worked.
Love that rainbow scarf and the great looking model.

Thank you! I’ve made over 50 projects now. My son has also knit a bunny and a chicken. If only my hands weren’t so sore…

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Wow, that’s impressive. Be sure and give your hands a rest though. Do other kinds of exercises or just take a break from knitting for awhile.

handknit ornaments, to go with a family friend’s christmas care package. used the freebie ‘julekuler’ pattern by arne & carlos available through ravelry and schachenmayr. yarn is a mix of full and blended cotton, wool and acrylic, some single, some held double, all odds and ends. they have clear acrylic shatterproof ornament globes inside for shaping (those are about 2-3/4" diam. but with yarn finished ornaments are about 3" diam. i thought i was done but then got a Mom request for more, using a sparkly blue for my sister in law.


Great looking, X! Such a nice compliment to have more requested too.
Arne and Carlos are so much fun to follow. Thanks for the pattern reference.


Wow, such beautiful work. Especially love that lovely green cardigan with the lace border. Stunning!