Whatcha' Knitting? August, 2021

August already! What’s on your needles and hooks, and what plans have you for the coming season?
Some knitters and crocheters have already started working for the year end holidays. Here’s one idea for inspiration.

I’m knitting Chilly Cardigan by Helga Isager and I’m working on the bottom Twisted Ribbing of Chabot by Alma Bali and still need to do the neck and sleeves.

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I’m (trying to!) knit dollhouse accessories and a doll family, but might have to give up on the dolls :persevere:

I’m knitting premie baby blankets for our local hospitals. Will try to take a picture of one I just finished and post it. I really enjoy knitting these little blankets (usually 19 x 19) as they are quick, easy and fun.


I’m knitting a ladies cardigan for my self .it can have long sleeve , short sleeves or 3/4 that comes above the elbow

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Completed one bridesmaid shrug for 18 month old in beautiful ivory silk and started second one for 4 year old using Marian shrug pattern that I knit for charity. almost knitted Upsey Daisy using woman’s weekly pattern but … the shoes are calling me. Photos to follow

I’ve knitted the Marian shrug and it is gorgeous. I was afraid it wouldn’t fit well (sliding off the shoulders) but it works very well. Can’t wait to see your photos!

So here is 18 month one


Absolutely adorable! It’ll look even cuter on the lucky child.

Took a break from a sweater I have been working on to complete this shaw. It’s different from most shaws. It’s a free pattern " Hercote Cable Shaw"
from lion brand. Number L90202. I used red heart soft mid blue. Good for beginners. May have some new stitches Now back to the sweater. 20210807_183427|583x1200

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That is REALLY pretty! Good luck with your sweater; I can’t wait to see the finished product-


Thank you!
It may be awhile for the sweater, it’s been a nightmare. But I will post pictures when done.

Beautiful shawl and lovely even knitting!

Thank you!

Just off the needles today.
The back of what is supposed to be a sleeveless, round neck cardigan but I think I will make into a slit neck sleevless top instead.
From King cole 4838 but I have made it longer than the given pattern.
This is my first lace and I feel like I went from totally unable and lost, to relatively able, it was a big learning experience.


That is really lovely, congratulations and please be sure to show us the finished top!

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Good for you for working this out! Well done.

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This is a fashion show in a single post! What lovely sweaters and beautiful stitch work. It’s so much fun to see each and every one.

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Wow you’ve been busy!