Whatcha' Knitting, April 2024?

Very pretty! What yarn did you use?

Bernat velvet

Beautiful use of this yarn!

Very ice. And I’m also impressed by the piano :grinning:

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The reason the mirror is positioned like that is 1) it fell off the wall, don’t get mounting tape from the dollar store
2) I need to watch my arm in the mirror when I’m practicing violin to make sure my technique is correct


gorgeous knitting! I hope I can knit that smoothly someday- lovely design too.

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I’ve finished my beach bag! I’m very pleased with it. I finished the bag last November I think. But I never made the handles for the bag!

I can’t wait to go to the beach or have a picnic and bring the bag, it’s very big so perfect for those kind of days out!


Worked out beautifully and the drop stitch pattern seems perfect for the beach. It looks like waves. Enjoy the picnic and the visit to the shore.

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I love this! Is it from a pattern or did you chart it yourself? I’d really like to make some for the many cyclists in my extended family.

It’s the Bikey Beanie in the book Alterknit Stitch Dictionary by Andrea Rangel

The large size is massive, I used the smaller size for mine and I’ve made them for a couple of guys and they fit perfectly. So unless whoever you are making it for has a hulk sized head don’t go with the large.


perfect - thank you, and thank you even more for the sizing tips! I’ve just ordered the book, which looks excellent.

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I’ve finished the test knit. Just got to weave in a few ends and block. The designer said she might release early, once all the testers have completed so hopefully I can share pics soon.


On my needles today, another neckband.
This sweater I made for my son 3 years ago when i started knitting. I followed the pattern age size but it ended up too big, I thought he would grow into it but as time went on, and as I learned more about knitting, I realised it wasn’t just about growing more. This was a bad fit. Always stretching out widely across neck and shoulders, extremely wide neckband.
It’s raglan, knit in sections, bottom up. The stitches from the front, back and sleeves were all kept live and the neckband worked… no structure.
Never underestimate the benefits of a bind off or cast on. I have ripped out the neck (and almost lost the sweater due to those live stitches! Life line helped but even that had problems) and then I cast off all those live stitches. No size changes, just casting off. Then picked up for the neckband and worked about 4cm before a try on. It fits SO much better and I haven’t even changed the stitch count. The bind off has added structure that was desperately needed and now the sweater fits nicely across the shoulders and neck.
The original was a few cm long and just bound off, I’ll make this a folded neckband by binding off and sewing down inside as I think it will make it look even better.

Grateful to this community and all the people who post tutorials online to help knitters like me. It took me a while but I eventually felt confident enough to tackle this. Knowing what was wrong and how to fix it and then doing it - I feel like I accomplished quite a lot but couldn’t have even considered this sweater surgery without all the help and learning that’s taken place.


That is gorgeous - is it for you or someone else? I would love to see it modeled. I have found Norah Gaughan to be somewhat complicated in her instructions; how did you feel about it?

Thanks so much!
This was very easy but it got monotonous. I would vow to finish it and then work on other projects.
If you decide to make it, I’d advise a yarn that drapes more than mine. It’s not stiff but I’d like it more if it had more drape to it.

One arm to go on this one for my 1.5 year-old daughter (who, admittedly, is and will remain way to small for it for at least a year…). Still, I’m decently happy with it, although the construction is not my favorite (even though the yarn is fingering weight, some of the seams will be a bit on the bulky side), and the orange yarn for the carrots should’ve been chosen to be slightly more yellow – it’s better in reality than picture though. I’m also thinking about unwinding the neckband and make it a bit shorter, possibly going down a needle size.

As always when knitting the second sleeve of something: planning forward! Since I still have loads of scraps in the same fingering weight (one of the reasons why I choose the garden sweater), I think it’ll become a tulip-patterned sweater heavily inspired by these socks and these squares. I’m thinking one row of tulips (with rows off-set) in one color each. Haven’t decided on pattern though – a round yoke is probably the easiest pattern-wise, but I’m also a bit fond of raglan-sweaters. Preferably, most of it’ll be knitted in the round, at least. Perhaps you have suggestions for a pattern to use or start from? It’ll be kids-sized again (I really do have enough sweaters for myself – and inconveniently I stopped growing years ago!), hopefully fitting my daughter when finished.


That worked out perfectly! Your choice of colors is very good and the knitting is lovely and even.

I’m so glad to see your version of this cardigan. I’d saved the instructions and translation because I have plans to make it for a special little girl. I hope mine works out as nicely.

Magnificent! You will have the best dressed toddler in town! I love the cardigan and the tulip swatch too. Gorgeous.

New neckband finished.
It’s now wearable and I’ve done it before Mister grows out of it too!
Here are before and after pics.


Amazing difference. The new neckline contibutes to the very professional look of this sweater. Great colors, too.