Whatcha' Knitting? April, 2023

Finally finished the poncho I have been working. It took about 2 years working on it and being frustrated since the Yarnspirations pattern was incorrect. Looking for the picture attachment, but not finding it (?). [quote=“salmonmac, post:1, topic:154615, full:true”]
It hardly seems possible but here we are in April, already, so soon. There have been so many beautiful projects posted this year and more in the works. It’s a treat to see them all.
What knitting or crochet plans do you have for the coming season? And what has come off the needles or hooks lately. Any UFOs (unfinished objects) lurking in a closet that need to be completed? We love to see them all.

I have so many projects waiting to finish and/or start! The most urgent, perhaps, is this little blankie for my great-great nephew born prematurely on 2/13. He and his mother were both in pretty bad shape. He’s now four pounds and mama is okay.

This is sure a quick and easy project (especially since it’s small :wink:). I started it last Wednesday night and took it on a trip to see our grandchildren. Six rows of 101 stitches takes me about 30 minutes. I had a steroid injection in my shoulder the day before and am now trying to pace myself and not knit for hours on end. I started several different projects before landing on this pattern and yarn.

This is the triangle blanket on Ravelry and https://mariannaslazydaisydays.blogspot.com/2019/08/triangles-baby-blanket.html. I’m using Baby Bee Sweet Delights Prints in Puppy Kisses. Those little dark flecks are denim blue (sort of batik looking), and there are also very light blue and very light tan flecks. I’m using the #6 & #7 needles per the pattern but wish I’d gone with smaller ones for safety’s sake of those tiny fingers. I’m hoping to make a hat as well. It’s very soft and squishy!


That looks perfect, even considering tiny fingers!
Wonderful to hear that mom and baby are doing well. That’s such a relief. Your gift will be a much appreciated welcome for the new baby and for the family.
Thanks for the pattern link and yarn information. Always fun to know.

Thank you! I imagine his fingers are smaller than my needles!


I have one more sleeve to knit on Jeol. I’m using a 12” circular for the sleeves and it’s cramping my fingers so I’m putting it to sleep for a bit. The pattern on the body of the sweater was easy but these sleeves are a challenge with the 2 yarns and the 2 silk mohair yarns on the 12” circular.

Those small circulars can be especially difficult because of the short needles. Dpns or flexi-flips a possibility or even 2 circular needles?

I love good news! Thank you for sharing. May both mom and baby continuing doing better and better. Your blanket looks soft and cuddly as well as very lovely.

Magic loop is another possibility in addition to salmonmac’s suggestions. I’ve tried using 16" circs and the tips are too short so I won’t even consider a 12". Pain ain’t my thing and I avoid it as much as possible. As I recall trying to use the shorter tips messed up my tension too. I’m not certain since that was years ago.


Thank you! We don’t hear much but I asked recently and heard this good news!

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Thanks for the suggestions ladies but I tried dpn’s. Too many needles to catch the mohair and my tension was off. I have 5 flexi flips but not size 8. I’m not good at magic loop.
My Advil and I will just struggle with the 12” needle.


Lovely news about thr new addition to the family, I am sure they will be overjoyed with the blanket. Good to hear they are doing well now.

This looks great!
I’m rubbish with circulars working in the round (but like them for flat knitting), I can manage a sweater body but no way can I manage a sleeve. I have made flat sleeves and seamed them to avoid knitting in the round. You wouldn’t want to do this for the one sleeve left to do but maybe consider in the future that it’s an option.

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Advil and maybe knitting for short periods of time with rest inbetween. The result is gorgeous!

Thank you!

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Thank you.

The other thing about baby socks is they are just about the most likely to be seen! Babies seem to spend a lot of time with their shoes kicked off, so socks get to star. As for mushrooms, as I remember it, it was the opening quote of Shirley Conran’s book, “Superwoman”, a massive best seller in the UK, probably some time in the sixties. It told you how to manage the multitasking of most women’s lives certainly at that time. Her chapter on “Ironing” was my favourite. It contained one word: “Don’t”.


My babies loved chewing on their socks and soon learned how to get them off the feet and in the mouth. That was a long time ago when I young and foolish. I’m not young anymore. Foolish? I’ve practiced since then so I’ve moved that up a few notches.

@salmonmac Irons are for steaming knits. I learned from Arne and Carlos the easiest way to block a sweater. Lay it out on the ironing board, cover with a wet towel, apply iron hot enough to make it steam to the towel. Worked a treat for me. I’m not sure it would be good for cables.

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I’ve used steam from an iron on acrylics but I’ve never tried on wool. I’ve seen Arne & Carlos demonstrate and it looks like a magic trick to me. I keep expecting the sweater to disappear or go up in smoke. Apparently it works. I’m just not that brave.

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I have a favorite mitts pattern that is knitted flat and then seamed up the side. I use the pattern to embroider flowers/stems and leaves on the mitts. I never thought of using the knit flat then seam on a sleeve. I guess it could be done depending on the pattern.
Thanks for the suggestion.

I was in for a penny, in for a pound. They’d persuaded me I should cut my knitted pullover to make a cardigan so what they heck, try the spa treatment. Truly it gave me a much nicer result than anything else I’ve done. My sweater is 100% wool, not superwash. You might want to try it on a swatch. I should have done it to a swatch first but I wasn’t thinking about that.