Whatcha knittin? NOTHING!

i am so frustrated. I spent all of the last 4 or so months knitting scarrves adn such for others, that I never branched out and learned anything new. So now I have a few months before bday and such presents are due, and I can’t seem to get myself to figure out what to knit next. I look at all of the patterns and they seem too advanced :pout: but I am sick of regular scarves. :wall: Has anyone else been here? Is there a project I can work on that will get my momentum and confidence back up? :verysad:


Hats are easy and fast! And they’re a good way to learn DPNs and circulars. Did I mention that they’re fast?

Or bags. Lots of different methods, and size (usually) isn’t crucial.

socks, they look difficult, but really aren’t (but that’s my opinion)

It is frightening to take the first step out of the box, but give it a try. Like the other posters, a lot of handbags are super easy and I have made several. I too would only choose patterns that said beginner, or easy, but I picked this baby blanket pattern I am working on now and it said intermediate. When I read the pattern instructions carefully, I thought, “I can do this!” I am doing it and I will be proud of myself when I complete it.

Step out of the box! What is the worst that can happen. you find you can’t figure it out and need help? That’s what these ladies are here for. They have gotten be out of several jams!


I had the same problem… I went for baby blankets… and baby items, I found this baby sweater that is really easy and you can knit it in a couple of days…

I tried socks, but it didnt work for me… :frowning: still can’t make them… :wall:

thanks guys. I think i found a pattern I want to try, it’s the easty triangle shawl from lion brand’s website. I already have the right size needles and a bunch of yarn I can use, so what the heck… :shrug:
I’ll post some progress pics once I get it going. :teehee:

There are lots of small and fabulous projects out there that would teach you lots of new techniques, but still being so tiny it wouldn’t take long to finish them. Here are a few suggestions :

Lavendar-filled eye pillow by Cat Bordhi

Wristbands (this is just one pattern, there are tons of variations, with lace, beads, or anything you can think of)

Yarnball (a great toy for a baby or a cat or dog… just put a bell in the middle of the stuffing!)

There are tons of little projects that are fun but challenging!

Good luck with your projects. :slight_smile:

I made this for LAST Christmas, and they knit up quickly and aren’t hard… :smiley:

Stay strong. I think we’ve all been stuck in that rut before. How about bookmarks? They’re a great way to learn stuff. Or maybe you could do a headband?

I haven’t knitted in a few weeks but I don’t what I want to knit. Plus i’ve been super busy with work and wedding planning. But i got two skeins of ome Spun for Christmas>

How about a quick caplet/poncho? This is one of my favorites! Knits up beautifully in about any type of yarn!

Thank you all for the suggestions, they have all been added to my want otn project list. I actually just wound a ball of yummy malabrigo, have one hank to wind yet, and am wondering what the heck to do with it??? :shrug: It will be for me, (of course ) but do I want a scarf/hat set, or do I want to do a big wrap? there are 216 yrds per skein, so i have 2 skeins. AAAAAAAAHHHH now that i have great yarn, what the heck do I do??? I love wraps, but i love warm snuggly socks/scarves./hats. do i just go buy more??? :roflhard:

Buy more. :teehee: