Whatcha crocheting! (Holiday gift time)

We have “Whatcha knittin” but with holiday markets coming around just about all I have been doing is crocheting!
I know this is simple but I am so happy with how it turned out. I needed a non-purse and settled on a belt pouch, and for some reason I kept going “Beep beep Boop” while I made it. The graphic pattern it needed was obvious by the end!


I love the robot! That’s all I wanted to say - I don’t crochet, so can’t really reply appropriately lol but I’ve still got several presents on my knitting list to do.

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ohh woww How much this is price I like it I gift for thr my girl friend

Thanks @Shintoga Shintoga! I feel like encouraging words are always appropriate :slight_smile: When you are feeling buried under your to-do list it really helps. Good luck with your presents too!!
And thanks @harryleo! You should totally try and make one for her! It wouldn’t be hard to adapt to knitting, just a belt and build a pouch to attach. Then bring out the glow in the dark paint! This little guy is getting shipped to my vendor tomorrow, along with the rest of my stuff and the crochet heart brooches that the kiddo just finished. She is trying to save up for a Half Price Books giftcard so she made a few things to sell this year :slight_smile:

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