Whatch' Knitting? February, 2024

Looks pretty shark-like to me. I don’t see much of a ladder. It may be that you just need to tighten up when you twist the yarns. Don’t tighten the join excessively, just snug up the new yarn.
Nice work!


Thank you! I noticed the ladder more while stuffing him. I’ll work on tightening up!

Great shark!
When I do intarsia I make sure the fabric is supported underneath (ie not pulling down with its own weight) when I snug up the yarn. The stutch with the next colour in the left needle always goes loose when that yarn is waiting for the next row so the stutch dies need a snug up to it’s true size before working. As you work into it, it can loosen and enlarge again due to the needle going in so I try to hold the yarn quite firmly. It’s not really the new stitch that needs to be tighter but rather the old stitch. Pulling tight on the new stitch doesn’t really help but focusing jn resizing the old stutch seems to help.
I also saw a tip somewhere a long while back about making the second stitch tighter than you usually would, this can take up a little of the extra yarn in the first stitch at the colour change. I do seem to do this, not super tight but a but tight on stitch 2 and 3. Later on when the fabric is relaxed and I’m not working anywhere near that section, if there is an enlarged stitch at the do,our change I use a needle to redistribute the excess yarn into those slightly tighter stitches.
I also don’t see laddering in your work but you must have seen it to mention it.

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Amazing how you design these shapes for the horses. Looking good!

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Thank you :smiley: the next one is likely to be frog themed, lol. Found some lovely buttons yesterday that made me think of lily pads, and some flower buttons that might fit well on top!


This is cool, I like how you even managed to capture that grumpy face that sharks often seem to have! What pattern did you use?

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Thank you! It’s called “Shark” by Two Sister’s Teddy Bear. https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/shark-12

@Creations @salmonmac I’m making another stuffy now and I’ve been pulling the first stitch after the color change really tight and the next two slightly tighter. Hopefully that helps!


OK see if that works. Really just a firm tug is enough. Sometimes pulling too tightly causes problems too.


I’m knitting again! After a ban of about a month I have now finished (very slowly) the back of a sweater and cast on for the sleeve.
It’s my son’s cartoon sweater.

If he keeps growing though it will be too small by the time I finish! He went up 3 uniform sizes this year!


Glad you’re back to knitting! It must be such a relief. The sweater is looking good.

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Thanks salmonmac yes it’s great to knit again. Short bursts only for now.

Boo hoo, someone posing as Etsy tried to steal my credit card details. I cancelled the card, and the person on the phone said there had been no activity, so I think it’s going to be okay.

Although they were barely helpful, even after I explained several times I wasn’t well, had cognitive issues, etc. No sympathy whatsoever.

Cannot get to sleep after all the stress. Will look at your nice creations and browse some knitting patterns to restore my equilibrium.

That’s terrible but good you became aware of it and caught it in time. I once had someone try to charge two first class tickets to Dubai on my credit card. Fortunately the credit card company queried the charge. It’s all upsetting and painful.
Yes, refuge in knitting projects and patterns is worthwhile. I wish you a pleasant night’s sleep!


Thanks, salmonmac! My brain hasn’t quite received the message that everything’s okay yet.

I’m glad your credit card company was keeping a close eye on things. I suppose my bank would have queried unusual charges too.

Will have a cup of tea and regain my composure.

I’m glad you can knit again, Creations. The colours look great so far!

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Oh kushami I’m sorry to hear about the credit card scare! I have also had attempts in the past - the worst I think was in a big chain supermarket (the kjnd we all trust) where the cashier and the shift manager were both in on it together and had a 3rd person on the phone impersonating the bank. Luckily I refused to give any of them any personal details which they were asking for, and even more lucky my bank has 24/7 customer service and I was able to call them within about half an hour of this attempt. Yep, my suspicions were correct and they were attempting to withdraw from an ATM machine 100 mile’s away at the same time I was in the supermarket.
We all, have to be vigilant!

Tea and pattern diving will be restorative I’m sure.


Oh dear, that was a sophisticated scheme. I’m glad they didn’t catch you out.

I am afraid I am a bit vulnerable at the moment with tiredness and medications. My judgement managed to kick in just after entering my details.

Funnily enough, I just realised that I typed in the info of a card that has a very low spending limit on it and is linked to an account with just a few dollars in it. I keep it in case anything goes wrong with my main one. So they couldn’t have gotten much from it anyway. I guess it’s lucky I was confused and didn’t enter my “real” one.

Have had two cups of tea!


Looking really good already!

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Phew, it’s too hot to knit here (southern Australia). The temperatures haven’t been as high as usual this year, but even so I don’t really feel like picking anything large up.

I have a long wool cardigan ready to seam, but it will have to wait until we get a hint of autumn in the air. I could knit the patch pockets, but I don’t feel like touching any wool today.

I was working on a sock, but discovered that one of the colours I was using was felting. I sent a little sample back to the company and I am sure that they will replace it. The same colour seems to still be available, hopefully in a different dye lot that is machine washable. So my sock is sitting all forlorn until the replacement arrives.

I suppose I could whip up some cotton dishcloths to put away for future use.

What do you all knit in summer? And how do you get out of a knitting slump?


Ballet sounds very interesting, Creations. Is that something continued from childhood, or taken up as an adult?

I did ballet as a youngster, nothing serious, and I occasionally do a couple of barre exercises holding onto the back of the couch.

I should knit myself some legwarmers.