What yarn??

Found a blanket pattern at www. Purlsoho.com. The falling bobble blanket pattern. If u go look at the yarn suggestion what weight , material is it telling me to use???

Lanecardate Feltro is a super bulky yarn. Yarn that knits at 10sts/4” will work here. Try Lion Brand Thick and Quick.

Thank u so much!

Pattern says k5 [YO,k1] 3 times in same stitch… how do I do this

You’re going to work into a single stitch without dropping it from the left needle until the stitches have been increased.
Here’s a video that may help. It doesn’t show exactly your stitch instruction but the idea is similar. You’re going to repeat the yo, k1 a total of 3 times. You should have 6 sts or 6 loops coming from the single stitch when you’re done.

Thank u! I got it!! So I started the pattern and my bobbles are huge compared to the photo…thinking I should use a bulky yarn instead of the super bulky

It may be easier to change the bobble size and keep with the super bulky. Don’t increase so many times into the stitch at the initial step. Maybe try ( k1, yo) x2 and see if you like that size better. You could also experiment with fewer rows in the bobble.
If you change to a bulky you’ll have to change the number of sts in order to maintain the size.