What yarn to use?

Im a beginner, I’ve been making infinity scarves and now I would like to use a better quality yarn. What would be a quality yarn to use? I would like to use a silk wool blend. Should I try this? Any suggestions?


Sure try a blend, they knit up nicely; there’s so many out there though, and it’s hard to know what are available to you. You can go to your local yarn shop and touch a few, see what you like. You’re not obligated to buy anything, just walk around and see what’s in stock. You might find a couple really nice balls in the mark down basket too.

Going to a local yarn store is a good idea. You can see and feel the yarns first. When you buy make sure you have enough of the color and yarn you want. :thumbsup:

Thanks, so much! I’ve been researching online and now I’ll take your advice and hit the store tomorrow!