What Yarn To Use For First Cable Sweater?

I’d like to try my hand at my first sweater, and a simple cable one. I was told Aran is good and soft, but I need to buy it discount, and I couldn’t find it on Smiley’s Yarn Internet Sale :pout:

So what would you recommend???


Any worsted weight yarn would be good. Plymouth Encore is a good inexpensive choice. Aran is more a weight than a particular yarn–its usually a little heavier than worsted, but not always. :shrug:

Knitpicks has great yarn, and it’s inexpensive. Sierra is a bulky yarn, and Swish is superwash worsted wool. Both are good for cables.

You also want a yarn that’s not fuzzy, so the cables are clearly defined.
Two good, well-priced all-wool worsteds are Cascade 220 and Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool.

I used Caron Natura one pound. I made the Poonam sweater from Berroco for my first one.