What yarn to buy?

I want to know what I should buy for the poncho I’m going to make. The poncho is made neck down to it fits against you. Its made out of merino but it’s $12 (200 yards) a skien I need 1200 yards. Being a beginner knitter I’m not going to spend $70 on a poncho that hopefully will turn out right. I was looking at patons merino wool. It would be half the price. I know it’s probly not going to look like the $70 merino but is it going to look pretty good? Patons also had a aplaca acrylic blend that was soft and kinda nice. I’ve never used either. Should I just go with patons or another brand? suggests???

What about lions brand wool ease? You might find something on E-bay. or post a message on the sell/swap/trade on this site. Good luck

Jens, what pattern are you using for the poncho? Does it call for a worsted weight yarn?

If you aren’t super sensitive with wool, I think the Patons Classic Merino would look fine and they certainly have a ton of colors to choose from! I think the Bernat Alpaca blend might be a [I]bit[/I] sheddy for the poncho, but it sure would be soft! Also, that’s a chunky weight yarn I think, not worsted.

You could also try that new Washable Wool that Moda Dea has out. I saw it at Joann’s last week and thought it was quite soft and they had lots of nice colors. Moda Dea also has a new Bamboo Wool and a Silk n’ Wool, both of which are worsted weight.

Plymouth Encore is a great beginner yarn. It’s a soft wool/acrylic blend, worsted weight, reasonably priced, and machine washable.

I would think about how you want to wash your poncho… I think the Paton Merino wool suggests hand washing, right? otherwise it will “felt”… so if you want to stick it in the washer dryer look at acrylic yarn…But that Paton’s Merino is really nice… and if you don’t like the way your poncho is tuning out( which has happened to me so many times) you can reknit the yarn into something else…that is a lot of yarn…what I may do is narrow it down then buy one ball of what you think you like and knit a swatch … see how you like it …see how it washes …definately check what gage the pattern calls for…I think Paton 's Merino is 4-5 sts per inch on 7 or eight needles///I haven’t seen that Moda Dea yarn, want to check it out next time I am in Michaels…

Thank you all !!! The pattern is called bobble poncho. I don’t mind handwashing /laying flat. (I don’t think i’ll have to wash a poncho a lot anyhow,hopefully) I need worsted weight. I have use the plymouth Encour for my first pair of sock and like it. I bought it while out of town haven’t seen it here…Didn’t see the Moda Dea today while shopping.

I second Woolease, it’s cheaper than the Paton’s Merino. And Paton’s has a wool/acrylic blend too.

Unless I’m looking at it wrong the lion brand wool will cost more. It only has 143 yards. The pattons has 223 something. So I’m getting more yardage.

But generally the Lion woolease (not wool, different yarn) has almost 200 yds and is $3 or less. The paton’s runs more to $4 per.