What Yarn should I use?

Hi everyone, I am wanting to make this felted basket the pattern calls for 1000 yards of worsted weight pure/new wool OR 1000 yards of bulky weight yarn. I am new to this picking out yarn business. I really like Noro kureyon could I use that? If not could someone tell me what type-brand or whatever I can use and where I can buy it online. I am so glad I have all of you as my lifeline to knitting! Thanks:)

If Noro Kureyon is worsted it should work fine. Any 100% wool (or nearly 100%) wool should work. Just make sure it’s not superwash or it won’t felt because it’s been treated.

Noro Kureyon is very nice stuff for felting. They have some great colorways available. LittleKnits.com has a great selection of the Noro for $5.95 a skein.

Cascade 200 is great and felts well. Knit Picks Wool of the Andes is also great for felting.

Really, you can use any 100% wool as long as it’s not washable wool.