What yarn is this

Hey guys🍋

I just saw this bag on instagram and I wonder if any of you guys know what yarn the creater used:) shes not answering to comments of other people asking and im obsesssed with the bag!


If it’s knitted, it is probably chenille or boucle (those are types of yarn, not brand names). You might have seen chenille on a bedspread – the last time it was in fashion was in the 70s, I think.

You can search on Ravelry or YarnSub websites for “chenille” and “boucle”, or visit a large craft shop.

Beware that this kind of novelty yarn can be a little tricky to work with if you are a beginner (just in case that applies to you).

I am not entirely sure that it is knitted, though. The textured surface is obscuring the structure of whatever textile craft is under there, and the structure of the handle makes me wonder. It may be some type of rug hooking or latch hooking, where tufts of yarn are pulled through a canvas backing, or something else altogether :slight_smile:


If it’s knitted it definitely looks like chenille yarn.