What yarn for this pattern?

I love this scarf and the colors…but I need to find a yarn I can use for it besides crystal palace. I’ll be getting the yarn from Michaels. Any suggestions?


I’m also going to buy some super chunky yarn and knit a couple scarves on big needles.

I think any ribbon yarn would work.

:thinking: depending on what color you want, I’d say the closest to that “ribbon” would be Lion Brand Incredible http://www.lionbrand.com/yarns/incredible.htm

uhp… Nuno beat me to it. :lol:

The LB Incredible has always caught my eye at Michaels…I just cant remember if they have metallic-ey colors or not…

Thanks guys. I’ll check it out tonight.

Okay, I’m at the lionbrand site looking around & I’ve not seen this in person but I think that this LB suede and their Velvet Spun as well as the trellis look nice…especially the velvet

Kelly, I have a great shot of the scarf I knit with it. It is shimmery in light.