What would you use?

Yarn for a baby blanket … besides the typical acrylic. But is still machine washable. I’m thinking something more natural.

Dale Baby Ull is lovely I think (though I get it at my LYS… don’t know anything about the one I linked…just had the best picture the quickest :teehee:)

Caron Simply Soft. Nice sheen, good color selection, very soft and machine washable.

Oops, I didn’t read your post well enough. You said BESIDES regular acrylic. Sorry!

CarmenIbanez, that’s ok.

I really like KP’s Swish Superwash. you can even get the “dye your own” version for slightly less $

Thanks for the tips so far everyone.

Hmm, maybe a soft cotton? I can’t think of a specific brand, but cotton seems to get softer as it’s washed. :shrug: I usually use typical baby acrylics from Paton, Bernat and Lion Brand.

Blue Sky Alpaca makes an organic cotton that, IMHO is to die for!!! I made a baby sweater from it and it was awesome! The only problem is that it’s going to cost you a bit more to do it out of something other than basic acrylic…but if price isn’t an option…go squeeze that BSA organic cotton–you won’t be sorry!!!

Love using organic cotton for babies!

Baby Ull is lovely.

For a more reasonable price, if you aren’t stuck on traditional colors, you could do a Debbie Bliss superwash Merino in Fuschia or Dark Green and get 10 skeins for $24 from littleknits.com It’s soft and machine washable, but I haven’t washed it yet myself, so I can’t say if it pills or not. Anyone know?

Mama Bear

Hmm I guess I should check my LYS for baby Ull. Who makes the organic cotton? What would Jo Ann’s have?

Since I am up in Vancouver area can anyone enlighten me? I usually make trips south ever couple of weeks or so.

I think Cristy said that Blue Sky Alpaca makes an organic cotton that she likes.

not from JoAnn. sorry.

I like cotton. Very durable and machine washable!

That’s ok. I can check my LYS up here then.