What would you make?

Or do with 782 yards of various samples of sock yarn?

I couldnt NOT pick this up…the colors are AMAZING, and I wanted ALL of them… (plus one FULL skein of ONE of them is for my swappee :muah:)

Theres not enough of any ONE color for a full pair of socks…

A 100yds
B 75yds
C 175yds
D 65yds
E 65yds
F 37yds
G 65yds
H 50yds
I 100yds

But the colors are… :drool::drool:

What would YOU make if you had these? :thinking:

:mrgreen:crazy striped sox!

Hee hee. They would be crazy alright…

A multi coloured pair of socks. Actually I have a pattern from my ‘page a day knitting calender’ that’s for a pair of socks using leftover sock yarn. I could scan it and email it over if you like? If you crochet I also have a nice bag pattern, again using leftover or small amounts of yarn. Lat me know and I’ll email them over to you.

Deliberately mismatched socks are quite fashionable among my students. They wear crazy striped and patterned socks that look nothing like each other (these socks are sold in “pairs” of three so that you will be sure to mix them up).

So start the trend over there in Texas!