What would you do?

I’m making this sweater: http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter06/PATTthermal.html and need help and suggestions with the sleeves.

Here is the point I’m at:

Sleeves (Make 2)
Using double-point needles, CO 64 sts.
Join to begin working in the round, being careful not to twist. After a few rounds have been worked, place safety pin or split ring marker in work to indicate beginning of round.

Work in Twisted Rib until work measures 2 inches.

Work 2 rounds in Waffle Stitch.

Increase Round: Work first st, m1, work in patt to last st, m1, work last st. Work 8 rounds in Waffle Stitch.
Repeat these 9 rounds 14 times more, then work Increase Round once more. 96 sts.

Continue in patt until work measures 19 inches, or desired length to underarm.

Okay - here’s the thing - Waffle stitch is 2 rounds of k2p2, 1 round k all sts, 1 round p all stitches. The increase round is not always on an all k or all p round. And when you increase the pattern gets muffed a bit and gets confusing when I have to increase on a k2p2 round.

Question: Since you’re increasing at the beginning and ending of a round, and this portion will be under the arm in any case, is it more important to just make sure that the pattern matches up on the outer portion of the sleeve and not worry about the pattern under the arm? Or is there a trick or tip to keeping the pattern going properly all the way around the sleeve?

Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

[B]Here’s what I would do[/B]: cast on 66 stitches, knit the sleeves flat. The extra two stitches are ‘edge stitches’ on each end of the knitting, used for seaming.

I don’t like knitting sleeves in the round, and I dislike seaming them into the body armholes even more. I NEVER knit sleeves in the round. I always do my ‘work around’! It works!

Flat sleeves makes blocking them easier, too.

When it comes time to seam the sleeves into the body, do so as normal.
Seam the sides of the sleeves after they’re set into the body.

“Edge stitches” are “knits” on both RS and WS. They form a nice visible stitch by which to mattress seam alongside of. The edge stitch folds to the inside, disappearing. Your sleeve will still be the same circumference as if you’d knit them in the round. You allowed for seaming by the extra 2 stitches.

Good idea. But I’m not sure this will fix my pattern issue. Even with keeping a garter stitch edge with the first and last stitches, the increases in the pattern will still be an issue since I’m not really counting the first and last stitch.

Ack - Sorry - had to post something. Saw my # of posts!!!

Just ignore the edge stitches, and work your increases for the sleeves, and decreases for the sleeve cap, ‘in pattern’ as best you can. And remember, the seam is on the inside of the arm. Whenever ‘increase rows’ meet at the seam, they have a bit of wonkiness to them. You could put a little marking thread on the ends of the increasing rows…to be sure you seam those ends together. And the ‘good rows’ (no increases) will also seam together.

To help you remember to ignore the edge stitches…you could put a stitch marker at each end, just inside the edge stitches.

I’m going to try your suggestion. I get the concept and maybe, if the work is flat I can get a better idea of the pattern. Thank you.