What would you do

with ten skeins of this: http://discontinuedbrandnameyarn.com/pages/3218/Bamboo_Buy_The_Bag.htm in Esquire? I ordered one bag last night (and one ball of black Sockotta) because I’m fascinated with bamboo yarn. Now, do I add it to my stash until inspiration strikes me or actively look for a project? I am a new knitter and it has to be simple. I haven’t even followed a pattern yet!

I bought 2 skeins of 100% bamboo yarn at a lys and started a sock. I wasn’t happy with the weight and feel and believe the sock would have ended up pooling around my ankles. I frogged and am now working on a lace scarf. I’m hoping it will block well to display the pattern. I probably should have done a simpler design, not so open.
I didn’t see a lot of projects on ravelry using bamboo, most of what I did see were tops and lingerie.

I think seeing and touching the yarn will help to plan for it. I think I will add it to my stash, finish the things on my needles, and then look for a project. Meanwhile, I am more than open to suggestions from you all! I wonder if I will regret having only ten skeins?

I think you will love the feel of it. The stuff I bought is soooo soft and silky feeling. I love working with it, but am still unsure what else I would make with it if I had more. To be honest I only spent about 1/2 hour searching and I only had 2 skeins.

Tank top, as simple as you can find. Maybe this will be your inspiration to read your first pattern!

I’m very intimidated by patterns. It’s confusing. I’m watching videos. That helps. So, bamboo is a good weight and all for tank tops?

Yes, it’s very good. In case you missed it, here’s a top pattern with Bernat Bamboo that might work with yours - http://www.bernat.com/pattern.php?PID=2587 - their yarn may be bulkier than yours, but you could knit a larger size after you check your sts/inch.

That’s pretty! Thank you! Maybe Julianne will let me make her more than scarves!

I downloaded that pattern. Thanks again!

I would send it to Ohio, c/o Newbie2Knitting. :wink:

Send the finished tank top or the yarn?

I bought bamboo yarn to knit a sweater for summer. It is really soft and I think it will do really well. I had about 4" done when I found a mistake a few rows back. I started frogging and then decided that I didn’t like the cast on and frogged the whole thing and started over with a different cast on. I really like the yarn though.

I can’t wait to feel it! I can’t tell much about the color from the picture but it was a good price and I want to try bamboo so badly. If I like it I’m going to order the bouganvilla to make something for Julianne. Whether she likes it or not.

This yarn came today. I LOVE it!!! It feels soooooo goooooood! I wasn’t real sure about the color online but it’s gorgeous in person. I have to brag while I’m here about Discontinued Brand name Yarns. I ordered this 10-pack of Bamboo and one skein of Sockotta. With each yarn order I got a free pattern plus I got a goodie bag. So, my grand total was $33.19 and for that I received ten skeins of Bamboo, one of Sockotta, two patterns, one Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Mini, a pair of needles, a pack of point protectors, a sample of Eucalon, a card with a pattern on it, and a Clover Products catalog. I think it was worth it–especially as I’ve seen the exact same Bamboo yarn in the same color for $13.50 a skein other places online. Now that I’ve seen and felt the Bamboo there are way too many things to do with it! I want more colors!

I paid $7.50 a skein at my LYS for the 2 skeins I got. It is sock weight. I finished the scarf I made with it yesterday and am disappointed that spring is finally arriveing here so I won’t have a reason to wear it til fall.

How many skeins did it take for your scarf?

Oh…I have some yarn all over the house that is just awaiting a project…

I have a galaxy sock yarn that is screaming for me to make socks!

Follow your heart…buy it now…and wait for the perfect project IMO

Thanks! It’s stashed. There are so many perfect projects!

I forgot there was also a pair of bamboo bag handles in my goody bag. I love surprises.

What a bargain, I love bamboo yarn. made my daughter a little bolero and it is just so silky soft.