What would you do?

Hi, This might seem like a silly question, but I can’t make up my mind so I’m hoping my fellow KH’ers can offer some opinions.

My DBIL got married this past year (he lives across the country from us and we only get to see each other every other Christmas), and I want to give him and his new wife a small token of my affection – namely a handknitted dish cloth and dish towel set. It’s become sort of a combination late wedding present/Christmas present.

I’m using Sugar 'n Cream in the Midnight Magic colorway, and I’ve already finished one dishcloth and the towel. The dishcloth is in a feather and fan pattern, and the towel is done in sand stitch. Now I think I’d like to make one more dish cloth to complete the set.

My question is whether I should make the second dish cloth in feather and fan, to match the first one, or if I should choose a different pattern (same yarn/color) for the second dish cloth. Would it look strange for all three pieces to be in different stitch patterns?

I wouldn’t really mind doing another feather and fan; it looks so much more complicated than it really is and looks beautiful. But there are so many other great patterns to choose from. I can’t decide! What would you guys do??

I’d do it to match the other cloth, but i think it’d look good either way.

I agree with Eccie. I think a lot of people like matching towels and cloths to display. Otherwise I would personally lean towards a new pattern because there are sooo many and only 2 hands.

I agree with making them to match. They’d look more like a set that way.

Thanks a lot, everybody. What would I ever do without KH?? :inlove:

I was sort of leaning toward making a second feather and fan, but I had insomnia last night so today my brain feels like mush. It’s good to discover I was on the right track, pattern-wise.

Now if only I can get caught up on my sleep, maybe my brain will start working properly again! :eyes: