What Would You Do?

My mom just called…yes…this is the mom who gives strange gifts (if you read my other thread, you know what I’m talking about).

Well, apparently she’s splurging this year. She had asked me what my children wanted this year, and I rattled off their lists.

She bought my daughter a Sony Cybershot camera…don’t know the exact model. My dh bought a camera for her yesterday…complete with the docking station and cables so you can connect it to the TV…very nice package.

We’re doing Christmas with my mom and sister on the 22nd. Our gift of the camera is intended to be a Santa gift…meaning that she won’t see it until she wakes up on the 25th.

Crap…what a bind!

What do you think???

So she’ll have two cameras. What’s the problem?

Is there anyway you can find out what camera G’ma bought and buy all the accessories for it from Santa. For the about same price of the camera& kit you get her a camera bag, memory card, etc, along with a few other trinkets. Or have Santa buy her another present all together?

Easy fix, send one to me!!!:cheering: :teehee:


You wish!


I really like the idea of getting her extra goodies to along with…

I’m calling my mom right now.

If this works, I’ll have to think up some other “big” present…and we’re not talking the 4-Runner that she’s got on the list. :teehee:

If you want to buy her something else as her big gift, how about a big fancy digital photo frame to go with her new neato camera? They range from less than $100 to $400 or so, so you can pick which one fits your “big gift” budget. :slight_smile:

What a GREAT idea! Teens take SO many pictures!! I’ll bet she would love to have them running while she’s in her room, which is, like, all the time!

I’m on the phone with dh right now…