What would you do?

Here’s the situation: I was knitting with my KP Options and the 24" cable popped out of its little metal tip. So, I emailed KP and they generously said they would replace it! This was a month ago. When I checked online, it says it shipped but I haven’t gotten it yet. Either it hasn’t come or they shipped it to my old address (I had just updated the address when I had contacted them about this). The PO is no longer forwarding my mail to me and I have no way to contact the new tennants to see if my cable came. I’m not sure what to do now. Should I email them again letting them know it never came? I just don’t want them to think I’m trying to con them here or something. Or should I just let it go and buy another one?

Maybe tell them you recently moved and ask them to double check where they sent it? Then if they sent it to your old address ask for another one. :shrug:

call and talk to them on the phone and explain your situation just as you did here. Things get lost in the mail all the time and I’m sure they’d send you another one.

Have you tried contacting the post office as well? I would do that before I called about a replacement on the needles. I had that happen to me but I was expecting a necklace. The post office finally located it, it had fallen into a space and it was over looked…
You could always slip a note into your old mail box explaining your situation to the new occupants. Worth a try…