What would you do

I’ve been workign on this weasley sweater for my son. I had him try it on today just so i could see how it’d end up fitting once i stitched the sides…

It’ll barely fit. It’s supposed to be big and roomy and it’s NOT. I’ve followed the pattern exactly for how the book said for the child large/men small…

the little bugger had a growth spurt on me!!!
It’s made out of Red Heart worsted weight so it only cost me around 8 bucks…

I voted for frogging it. Even though it only cost you $8, it’s still a lot of work. I suppose you could sell it on ebay, but doesn’t your son really want the sweater? Wouldn’t he be dissapointed?

I’d finish the sweater and give it to someone that it would fit.

I voted to make a pillow out of it. This way he has a gift from you that he’ll never outgrow.

I’d chalk it up to a learning experience and frog the thing. At least next time you’ll be more familiar with the pattern and it should go faster.

Pillow! It would be really cute!

How about making the sweater roomier? The book Knit Fix has diagrams and instructions on how to enlarge a sweater by inserting a band of knitting into the side seams. You’d handle the sleeve differently depending on if you want to insert room there or not (and if it has a seam or not).

If enlarging it doesn’t work out to your liking, the pillow option is always still there!

HEy, I just made a weasley sweater for a grand nephew who lives far away from me, and I’m almost certain it’s going to be too big! My niece told me he was a size 6 and I knitted everything except the sleeves based on that. Then, I asked for sleeve length and shoulder width (dropped shoulders), and he’s only 13 inches across the shoulders and 14" sleeve length. I’m afraid he’s gonna be swimmin’ in this thing.

It is supposed to be “intentionally homely” according to the pattern notes.

I think turning it into a pillow is a great idea.

But let me say that I had this problem with a sweater for my mother. I was using a pattern that didn’t really go to her size, so I did the math and tried it. The chest, the neck and sleeves came out ok, but the bottom was a lot tighter than she wanted it to be, so I knit two triangles (decreasing by 1 every row) and sewed them into the sides. She LOVES it. She wears it all the time. I think I have to make her a new one.

Her problem is that she’s bigger at the hips than she is at the waist and all that, so most sweaters are tight at her hips. The triangle made the sweater fit how she wants it too. She even asked me if there is a way to take all her other sweaters and add a patch in the sides…

Ditto Amy, that’s what I was going to suggest. You could pick up stitches along the side and knit a band in the same color as the letter on the front, that could be cute!!

I like the idea of adding to the sides to make it fit - but if that doesn’t appeal/work then I would go with the pillow, bet he would like that too.

I vote for adding those triangles in at the sides. I think that is an excellent idea! I’ve seen patterns where you knit up the front and the back and then you fit the sweater by knitting up these side panels. Absolutely ingenious! I have to try that one myself. Hmm, wonder if you could somehow make those side panels removable and just increase the width of them as a child grows??

Another vote for picking up stitches along the side and increasing the side. I bet it is a very Weasley thing to do. I can see Molly having to do that for her ever growing boys. I bet that Ron had most of his sweaters done that way as he grew out of them.

I think that Jennmarie has a great idea and I voted finish it and let him wear it.

I voted for the pillow or… I like the idea of the side inserts!