What would you do with one skein of Irish Linen?

[SIZE=3]I have had this ball of yarn sitting here next to my computer for a year? It’s Maggi knits Luxury Hand Knitting yarn, 52% cotton, 48% linen. It’s just so THIN! I have another skein of some handpainted cotton, also extremely thin. The Maggi Linen says size 8 needle, I just can’t imagine that. Looks like it needs a 2.

But anyhoo, what would you do with one skein of extremely thin yarn. Make a shawl? This linen is almost raffia like, strawish.

Do you wear hair ties at all? Sort of like scarves tied onto a ponytail or similar or even just tied bandana like? That may utilise the yarn well.

I suspect the size 8’s are recommended as the yarn was intended for very open work like a shawl or similar. You could also make one of those string bag types of bags we’ve spoken about on this forum. Not necessarily for shopping but for carrying jumpers or other softer items.

I’m using Maggi’s Linen right now to make a Shapely Tank.

I am using 3 strands at once and using a size 8 needle and it’s coming out fine, not lacy at all.