What would make something similar?

I am trying to make Bernadette http://www.berroco.com/234/234_bernadette_pv.html

I can’t seem to get the detail to work and I suspect an error in the pattern. Can anyone suggest a pattern that would look somewhat similar but would WORK?

Clarification All I need is the detail on the front (shown as the inset on the link), the rest of the actual pattern is working.

I have got to use this suede. It is in its third incarnation, first a poncho, then a skirt, now this. I am actually starting to feel sorry for this yarn! To make matters worse, I have a bunch of light blue suede that also needs using up. How did I get all this suede? Honestly, sometimes…

Cute sweater, I personally do not know of another pattern but your link is broken. There is one too many forward slashes (/) at the beginning of your address. Here is the link:


Oops, thanks! And re-reading what I posted, I realized I wasn’t clear at all with what I was hoping for :slight_smile:

this page has stitches (click image for instructions) with similar looks. Maybe they could help clarify things on basic technique??
like this one