What would be a good 1st project?

I will be teaching a weekly knitting class at my church on Wednesday nights. The class will go for 8 or 9 weeks, most of the attendees having come to my class before.

What would be a good first project that we could all work together on?? We’ve already mastered beginner scarves, dishcloths, stuff like that. I’m looking for a very simple sweater pattern.

Any ideas??
Thanks, knitcindy

Can you give us more info about what type of sweater you’d like? Pullover , cardigan? Adult, child?

Unless you plan on teaching finishing/seaming, and expect everyone to be done in the 8-9 weeks, I would recommend a top-down raglan (or yoke) sweater. It will be seamless and allow for length adjustments to fit all knitters.

I would suggest a shrug. It’s quick, easy, and great to wear over summer dresses when you’re in air conditioning. You can find easy patterns for these in One Skein Wonders.

Ravelry has lots of free shrug patterns so you don’t have to have them buy books. The reason I say this is because sharing a pattern in a book is a usually a copyright violation. Once you pass it out you have no control over it. Find a free one and have them download and print it themselves. Then there will be no question about you sharing even a free one.

There are also lots of simple pullovers. They may not all like the same patterns though.

Thanks, Jan. I never thought that sharing it with the class would be a copyright violation. You’re right.

You also might ask the folks in your class what they would like to make and what they want to learn next. They’re probably the best ones to give you an idea of how to proceed.

You could narrow the options for them up front and do a little survey of the attendees. You could list new techniques as one category and finished objects as another. Then find a project that fits the winner of both!

Sounds fun! Wish I could participate.

Thanks for all the ideas everyone! It will be “interesting” to see the level everyone’s at during the first class! Not sure, but I might go with asking everyone what they want to make.

Decision, decisions!!!