What website do you use for your knittingblog?

I’m interested in making a knittingblog, but am not sure what website to use. What ones do you use?

I use Blogger for my blog. It’s free and fairly easy to use. It helps if you have basic knowledge of HTML though to customize your template. I also use Photobucket to store my photos.

I use livejournal!


Free, easy to dink with the template, free image hosting too :thumbsup:

Blogger here too :smiley:

I use my own server software AND Blogger… I have blogger send the files to my server so I server it and all…

Blogger is by far the one most people will choose…

I use blogger too. I’m learning some html now so I’ve been making a lot of changes to it and I really like it. You can click on the link in my sig to see my blog.

Jax, that looks pretty good… and I’ve learned that once you start playing around in HTML it’s pretty easy to learn… once you break it… and figure out how to FIX it… :wink: You are well on your way…


I presently use Blogger for my main super blog. :happydance:

I also have blogs on quite a few other sites such as Tagworld and Opera. I am dabbling in a blog using Typepad.

I don’t have any sort of super HTML fun on my blog as I’m not amazingly HTML savvy. But you don’t have to be a super geek to start a blog on blogger and get it going.

I use the wordpress software and my own server but my best friend loves Live Journal and I used xanga previously and loved it. Xanga is very user friendly and has lots of options for customizing your blog.

phewww I thought I was the only odd one here with my live for LJ!

my blog isn’t only a knitting blog - it’s everything.

anyways, i use typepad.com and i love it! well worth the $ every month since i get a lot of space to upload photos. that’s the main reason i use my blog now being so far away from family. it’s easier for me to share photos there instead of emailing them. :smiley:

yeah I split mine up into personal and knitting… willprobalby split again… and I’m making a portal for the main site :slight_smile:

I use Blogger too, but, only because I stumbled across it on www.youknitwhat.blogspot.com and so far it’s nice. I’m very inexperienced though so I don’t have much on it and still haven’t managed to get a picture to show up. Not sure where they’re going, but someone has a picture of my husband fishing and my daughter “fixing” the Christmas tree! :rofling:

I use http://www.blogdrive.com

I love it!

i use blogger…haven’t put much knitting stuff on there lately…its gets kind of raw sometimes…just a warning! :oops:

Blogger here… :slight_smile:

I’m a blogspot’er, but that’s just because I didn’t realize that LJ had free accounts… I first found out about blogs from a geek buddy that uses LiveJournal exclusively.