What was your first pattern?

I’m a extreme beginner and patterns still look like gibberish to me. I’m looking around to find a pattern to start with. What was everyone’s first pattern and does anyone have a suggestion for a pattern for me to begin with? :slight_smile:

I think the first pattern I knit from was the booga bag, which was pretty easy, though it did require learning one or two new things. It’s all knit stitch, and I only had to learn ‘pick up and knit’ and i-cord, both of which I learned from videos on this site.

Don’t get too discouraged about the gibberish, though. I’ve done some fairly complicated things now, and patterns still look like gibberish to me if I just try to read through them. You just have to jump in and try it- it makes a LOT more sense on the needles than it does on paper, at least to me. :slight_smile:

I’m a new knitter, too. The first thing I did was just cast on and practice different stitches with a short book I bought at Michael’s.

My first project was a poncho. It required knitting two rectangles and joining them, long side to short side. Every time I wear it, i get compliments. :slight_smile:


my first pattern was a free one from Bernat for a pair of pants. Not terribly complicated, some new things for me to learn and turned out cute!

I can’t find the pattern for my first poncho but it was two 15"X28" rectangles sewn together.

You could try this one:


or this:



Cool! Those ponchos are cute. I’ll have to try them out.

Hopefully the patterns start making sense to me as I go. Thank God for the glossary and the Internet.

I think I’m going to start off with a really simple, all knit pot-holder http://cache.lionbrand.com/patterns/kkc-pot.html?noImages=. I know its not really imaginative but I’m scared to do anything big yet.

My first pattern was for a sampler scarf, kind of similar to this one (http://cache.lionbrand.com/patterns/70023.html). I loved it because you get to learn lots of different stitches in small doses but you still have something tangible to show for it when you’re done besides a bunch of swatches.

Good luck, and don’t get discouraged. One day it’ll just hit you and then everything will make sense. :thumbsup:

One of my first was a dishcloth pattern. I learned to do a little lace on this project and it did not take forever for a beginner like me.


I found some super simple patterns in the lincraft book…my first proper pattern was a pair of adult booties. I loved them so much I made a billion pairs, but there is an error in the pattern so i’ll post the correction link also.



correction link:


hope that works! and if anyone knows any easy circular patterns…just got my first pair of circular needles and don’t know where to begin =)

My first FO was a sweater and I still wear it 20 years later. I had crocheted for a lot of years before taking up knitting so it didn’t seem so scary to me. It was pretty basic, not a lot of shaping. The hardest part was sewing together. The pattern called for an unfinished neckline that I didn’t like so I crocheted a turtleneck on to it.

The felted clogs from Fibertrends. I’m wearing them now. :mrgreen: I frogged bunches of times and they still turned out great. I was very intimidated by using a pattern. A few pointers…

  1. Take your time; easy enough right.
  2. Keep track of what row you are on. EACH row… not I’ll do 2 or three [I]then[/I] mark them off. Mark them off as you go.
  3. Use a lifeline to keep your sanity; I learned this one after frogging row 2 of the clogs like 4 times before I finally understood what I was supposed to be doing. There’s a vidoe link on this page here on KH and a good still picture explanationhere.

I found an old Reader’s Digest Needlecraft book at the local used book store. It had a section on various knit patterns, beginning with knit/purl, then gradually moves up to lace patterns. It has a section that describes each stitch in detail and the patterns give the stitch multiples. There’s a picture of the actual pattern on a knitted piece. It made everything very simple. I began using the various patterns and made dishcloths for myself, friends and sold a bunch. I wish I’d made extra squares, could’ve made myself a huge bedspread! The practice helped me in so many ways.

My first big project was a baby afghan, using a ripple stitch and several colors. The recipient loved it and still uses it on her daughter’s bed. Her second daughter has one, too and it follows her to church each Sunday. Knitting makes for some nice gifts, too.

One piece of advice-- Don’t limit yourself! The world of knitting is an endless learning experience. Branch out and learn beyond the straight needles. Learn to use ALL the tools! It’s fun and will make you feel very proud of yourself. Knitting is great for your self-esteem! Mary


Chunky scarf using giant needles and just knit stitch with Lion Brand chunky yarn…nothing fancy but it’s nice and warm and looks great! :slight_smile:

I started with a trusty scarf. Lots of beginner ones out there (see my signature).

My first was the booga bag as well. I did have to learn a couple of things like picking up stitches and i-cord, but all that knitting in the round was great practice, and since it is felted, it’s a very forgiving first project.:slight_smile:

Excellent way to get familiar with needles and yarn. And, reading patterns. I find that almost all of my knitters, both beginners and plus beginners, don’t know how to read patterns.

Do you recall the title of the book you worked from? I might recommend it in my next class. So far, I recommend Knit Grrl.

My first was a felted bag pattern I found in a magazine.

My first was a very simple little garter stitch poncho for my daughter - I believe the pattern was from knittinghelp.com.

She still has it, it’s quite cute.

I did the Rainy Day scarf as my first official pattern. It’s just a series of knits and purls but it got me used to paying attention.