What Was the First Sweater You Knitted?

I really want to dive in and make a sweater but I haven’t really found any easy patterns. What was the first sweater that you ever knitted? Did you have success with it? TIA!


I made this pullover 3 mos after I started knitting. It’s very easy!
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A sweater for my Blythe dolls. It was just for practice and I still have a few kinks to work out for when I make the “real” one, but it turned out looking pretty cute, but it has no sleeves or buttons. Hehe.

My very first sweater was a very basic, top down raglan cardigan for a baby. I think everyone should start with something like this, it’s great and easy for learning sweater construction.

My second sweater was Starsky.

I’m still working on my first sweater which is Tubey.

Very easy, though you can get easily bored knitting the back part.

I haven’t made a sweater yet. I’m still a bit intimidated by them.

I made this sweater (in blue) about a month after I learned to knit - and it was very very easy. And it fits! :cheering: (That was more luck than talent, but hey!)


And now I’m working on another simple one, this vest:


I got a bit adventurous on the vest, though. I’m knitting it in the round instead of knitting up the front and back seperately. It’s even easier that way…and none of that boring finishing work at the end. :happydance:

Baby sweaters are great because they’re fast, easy, and don’t take a whole lot of yarn. I’ve learned a lot about sweater construction by making baby sweaters (and people are always having babies!).

I made the hourglass sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts…it is very easy, but I had to modify the neckline and sleeves a bit.

I made a reglan sweater for my youngest dd. It’s knit in pieces, and when I made it, I didn’t check gauge and didn’t know how to seam. The sweater fit her good, but I’ll probably make more for the summer for my girls because I know how to seam. It was a quick easy sweater that I did within my first year of knitting :slight_smile:

I made “Tempting” from Knitty. Very easy but can get boring with all that ribbing.

Even though I’ve knit all sorts of sweaters, I still love knitting top-down raglans because they’re so mindlessly easy. I have one on the needles right now!

I use this pattern, which looks much more complicated than it is!

I made Tubey from Knitty. I do actually wear it!


I’ve started my 1st sweater. It’s for my DH. It’s cable but I’m not really working off any pattern. I’m just working 3 different cable stitched. I know that at a certain point I’m going to have to consult a pattern when I have to start the armholes and the collar. I had to stop working on it because it’s being used as a prop at work for the next 5 weeks.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

It will be Essential Indulgence from an Interweave Knits issue.

It actually looks really doable and it’s a gorgeous sweater. It was supposed to be the Hourglass Sweater, but I bought ugly yarn (for the sweater anyway - it might make great pillowcovers!) in a fit of weirdness.

I did Tubey too and I wear it …

Ok, I started with the BIG SACK SWEATER, by Debbie Strollers book Stitch and Bitch the knittters handbook.

The knitting part was easy, here is where I have had the worries and why it sits in parts in a bag.

I am nervous with weaving it together.

I am usually not scared of anything, just go for it is one of my sayings all the time.
When did that change … when I made a sweater.
The problem is though, I made a bind off mistake on my first shoulder try and did not know how to undo that part of it. So the sleeve and back shoulder corner do not line up and I do not know what to do about it.

I too am a newbie, just started in November.

So try not to make these mistakes and you should be good to go. :oops:

I’m trying like heck to knit the simplest of sweaters, the knit-from-the-top one in Sally Melville’s book The Knit Stitch. I’ve started and frogged three times and keep making stupid mistakes. I don’t do well on long-term knitting projects yet. I thought at some point that my focus would improve, but it hasn’t. Maybe I just need to knit some rectangles and sew them together!

i’m thirding the tubey. very easy and fast knit. i currently am done the shrug part. i would be done the body but i need to finish my moms scarf first.

the best part, is sizes run large. i normally wear an XL but am a medium in tubey. Also, you can knit the medium and up sizes, sleeves on sz8 16" circs instead of dpns

there is alot of room for expirimenting, with colours and the sleaves. i opted for a 3/4 length ribbed sleeve.

I took a knitting class to learn my first sweater - it is the most hideous sweater in the world! It is short sleeve and it’s just a straight boat neck sweater - I can’t believe I put so much time in something that was just UGLY! Oh well - I learned how to piece them together and the basics of a sweater - but MAN - It’s bad. I couldnt even give it to anyone because I was too embarassed. It looked like the pattern was vintage from the 70’s. But at least I can say I made a sweater!