What was that yarn shop we bought from (Rebecca?)

Shoot. Silly me. I buy yarn and then throw away the label like an idiot. Or lose it. Rebecca turned us onto a big sale at some yarn store (I think it was out west) a few months ago. I got a big bag of Noro Cash Iroha (like she did) but I also got one skein of something, I think it was Big Kureyon but I’m not sure.

Anyhoo, I just made a super cool newsboy hat out of it but it’s a little big. I’m thinking of felting it a little but now I need to know if it’s good feltable yarn. So! I wanted to go back to that yarn store and get the content etc. Does anybody know who I’m talking about, maybe you ordered then too? I’m searching through Rebecca’s posts but it ain’t easy. !l

out west, and Noro… just a guess, was it Littleknits?


Wow Jodi you’re brilliant!!! That is it alright, and I completely forgot their name. It was the Big Kureyon and it does say it’s good for felting so y problem is solved. THANKS SO MUCH :muah: