What type yarn is this?

My 7 yo DGD is doing a science project with her knitting. she needs to knit something from 100% wool to use for static electricity. Unfortunately, she didn’t realize that yarn labels are IMPORTANT. Plus, I’ve given her some remains where I had given the label to the recipient of the item. so this is the problem: I have read tests you can do to determine whether the yarn is wool, or whatever. Unfortunately, I can’t find that site now. It involved burning the end of the yarn, as I recall. does anybody know this site?


Hope this helps.


My cats give me a pretty good idea of fiber content. If they want to steal it, it’s made with some sort of animal fiber. If they don’t care, it’s plant-based or man-made. But that’s not exactly scientific, nor particularly helpful. :wink:

Sounds like quite a project though! Hope she has fun with it. :slight_smile:

Thanks, LoAnnie, that is the site I was looking for.