What type of needles

I’m keen to start knitting again but am not sure what sort of needles I should get. I have seen bamboo, steel, aluminium and wood. Also, some are round and some are square. Does it depend on what I am knitting? I’d be very grateful for your advice. Many thanks

Mostly it’s a matter of personal preference. If you’re a tight knitter, you may like metal needles because the sts slide more easiily. Loose knitters might prefer bamboo because it tends to grab the sts a little more. Try some diferent needles if you can and see which suit your style of knitting best.

Just a mention that many people tend to knit tighter on metal needles because they’re more slippery and they’re afraid the sts will fall off. So a new knitter may do better with wood and get a more even tension.

Many thanks. Will give it a go.